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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Goodness!

So much has happened I have not had the opportunity to sit and update you in so long! I did hammer out a blog post about a week ago as my friend Lydia arrived, but I didn't hit publish because I wanted to add a photo... and then never got the chance. I have tried a few times to write a short post on my phone but the app didn't cooperate (blogger has a horrible app, though I love the interface on the computer, which is the #1 reason I don't use wordpress.)

I've been having such a good time I don't want to not do it justice by doing a summary of events post but would prefer to tackle each in its own post. Thus I will just make this post a "thankful" one and thank God for the beauty of the last two weeks, since I haven't even had time to do that.

I want to start by thanking God for getting my friend Lydia safely here after an adventure.

Thank you Lord for the union of our friends Aveek and Sonia.

Thank you for the additional sweet friendships of Anil, Shushant, and Amy.

Thank you for "weirdness."

Thank you for extended family.

And for Delhi Haat.

Thank you for getting to do the "touristy" things.

And for chai.

Thank you for my brave and honorable husband.

Thank you for my backed moodas!!

Thank you for my sweet, delightful baby. Who I can't believe is Six Months. Wow.

Thank you the luggage finally got here.

Thank you for laughter and songs.

Thank you for kitties.

Thank you for sleep, as I can snatch it.

Thank you for you.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Black and White

I was recently challenged to take a black and white photo each day. It was a lot of fun and this was the result.

overtired but playful baby
view from my balcony
sunrise from my kitchen window

Dreamer in Dunkin Donuts
a butterfly found my darling as sweet as I do while she was dreaming in a garden

Friday, November 14, 2014

Five Months

I'm so thankful for my baby! It's incredible she's FIVE MONTHS now. Actually, I've been working
on this post a while and she's inching closer and closer to six... Sigh.

happy Dreamer
She has less than  half a month left of her first half year of life. It's so crazy. As I said to Ryan earlier "Play with her now, she won't be this small tomorrow. Seriously. She'll be bigger. It's crazy."

munching on her teething ring
She's teething, which means she's a bit clingier and she'll start whimpering even in the middle of laughing because her gums are hurting. My poor baby!

She rolled over for the first time in the past week, from belly to back. She wasn't really trying to, but has done it a few times since. She will hold a sitting position for a while, but hasn't gotten into it by herself yet.

the face of a baby who just rolled over for the first time
But she's also sooo playful and delightful right now. She's seriously just wanting to play, play, play pretty much all the time she's awake. She loves to be bounced and have raspberries blown on her tummy, have her hands fake eaten and her neck kissed. She adores being tipped upside down. She also loves the baby and especially the second Mommy in the mirror. These things make her beam and giggle. She loves being growled at and as always, loves when I sing to her.

She's coming out of the stranger shyness, but in general I think she's just an easily overstimulated and shy child. She likes people one on one or in small groups, but gets nervous and shy in a crowd. Probably a future introvert though obviously too soon to tell. With small amounts of people she can slowly warm up and soon be okay with them. At home with just me or Ryan though she's always a bubbly delight lately.
rocking her first sweater

She's giggling, playing, chattering away. She's got new sounds all the time. I don't get to capture it as much as I'd like because she sees the camera and changes. She also changes if she senses someone else there, even my parents on webcam, getting more reserved. Like something that would get her pealing in laughter might elicit a half smile. In public she's by far better behaved if she's in her ergo but a few times now I've brought a mat and put her on it if she's getting restless being worn and it's been okay. She'll cry immediately though if I put her on it if she's not feeling restless. So I have to read her mood.

snuggles with Daddy
She had a cold or maybe just severe allergies at the beginning of the fifth month, but it eased up, however I think she definitely has allergies as the congestion has never totally gone away and markedly increases on days we go outside for a while.

She went on her first auto rickshaw ride this month! And she was fine! A little nervous, but no crying. Ryan's been hesitant to let her, but she did good and has done it a few times since.

She is so close to crawling. She could care less about sitting (she can, supported, but isn't trying to) or rolling over, but she is determined to crawl. She was rotating in a counterclockwise circle. Now she'll rotate clockwise as well. Basically she just hasn't found her balance, moving left and right with equal force. Once she does, she'll be on the move!

trying to crawl!
Breastfeeding wise everything is still going super smooth. This is her last month of exclusive breast feeding since six months is when she'll start solids. Our plan is to let her have her first food on Thanksgiving.

I just adore her. My darling Dreamer!
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