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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Yarn Along

That mysterious project I was making last week? It was a Halloween costume for Dreamer!

We don't really celebrate Halloween here in India so I hadn't been planning on doing anything. However, when my mom asked what costume Dreamer would wear and I told her we weren't doing anything she protested "Come on, just for pictures!" I thought okay, I'd come up with something just for photos...

Then I saw an adorable crocheted costume on facebook and I knew that was what I was doing.

However, it's not quite done. Mostly, but not totally. I thought about taking a picture of what I have completed, but since the only thing I'm doing with this costume is making it for pictures, I decided I wanted to wait for the big reveal, you know?

So on Halloween expect to see super cute Dreamer pictures here on the blog!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Dear Baby

Let's go to bed, Baby...
Dear Baby,                                                                 12:47am

We've not gotten a lot done today. I know it's because you're teething and feeling clingy so I can't get farther than two feet from you without you crying. Which is why I basically rarely left your side today. I'm starting to get tired, I say let's shut down the house and head to bed. You'll get sleepy soon too, yes? You're probably hungry and I'll just nurse you to sleep. I think we'll be asleep within an hour, right?


Dear Baby,                                                        1:09am

You were actually asleep for like five minutes you know. But when Mommy reached over to flip the light off you woke up since the source of your food left the two inch perimeter of your face. And now you're giggling and Wide. Awake. You keep kicking me.

Okay, let's play with you a little to tire you. You'll be back to sleep soon, right?


Dear Baby,                                                                                                                              1:36am

It's okay to sleep when you're tired. I know, I know, you're not going to listen to me. I remember being a kid myself and feeling like I'd miss something if I fell asleep. But truthfully, you're not even a kid. You're a baby. The highlight of your day is me blowing raspberries on your belly or making funny voices. I tell you what, I promise not to do those things again until you wake up. See? You won't miss anything. So stop trying to force yourself to stay awake, rubbing your obviously exhausted eyes and trying to smile, and go to sleep. You won't miss anything exciting.


You, a few minutes before I went to the
Dear Baby,                                                           2:01am

You were playing so happily with your little plastic giraffe rattle, I thought I could sneak over to the bathroom. Which is attached to the bedroom,, and I left the door open. You were on the bed. And yet, you realized I was gone and started shrieking. I was already on the toilet so I kept going, but I was calling out that I'd be back and I loved you.. you didn't care. You know Mommy doesn't wear diapers, right?

Still, it made me sad to see your tear streaked face two or three minutes later when I rushed back. I'm glad I snuggled you back to calmness. Maybe you'll sleep now.


Dear Baby,                                                            2:39am

I wanted some adult company so I called your grandma in America. That was nice, right? You hung up on her, which you must have thought was cute... and honestly, it was. But still. Don't do it. Especially since I know you mainly did it not to hit the red on screen button but because you're trying to grab Mommy's phone and put it in your mouth.

Speaking of your mouth though when you kissed my cheek was adorable. I think my heart melted.

Still, let's try sleep now, okay? Grandma was awake because in America it's the afternoon. Here in India it's sleepy time.


Dear Baby,                                                                                                                           3:11am

Obviously you didn't go to sleep. Well, that's okay. I love you anyway. But beginning to cry hysterically because you stayed awake too long and then when I try to lay you down to get you to sleep crying even more hysterically... well it doesn't make much sense. But yes, I will pace the floor with you. For the third time. This time stay asleep?


You, fighting sleep and being adorable at it

Dear Baby,                                                                                                                             3:45am

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are asleep. I'm going to bed now too. Love, love, love, love, love you!


Dear Baby,                                                                                                                             5:25am

I admit it, I love bed sharing now. I had been scared of it and absolutely refused to do it when you came home from the hospital but between you and your dad, you guys wore me down and now I love it. I know it's the right choice for us...


This is really not fair. I am not just the part of the milk comes out of, you understand? So if in my sleep I roll so it's my side and not that part of me that's two inches away from you, please don't start whimpering okay?

Now, I'm not talking about that nightmare you had a bit ago, I get that you can't help that. I prayed over you. Though that also woke me up.

I'm just saying that as I fall asleep my body starts to move a bit. Because pacing the floor with you and nursing you all day and all that makes my back hurt and it wants to be able to move in sleep... but every time I move you wake me up. Please stop!

So if I want to roll onto my back or my other side, can't you let me? Do you have to wake up crying because the source of food is more than two inches from your face and this is scary?

I promise I will still feed you. I'm actually still just two inches from you, it's just my side or my back. It's still me. Promise.


PS. You keep getting cold because you're kicking the blankets off with great vigor the second I put them on you. Luckily, it's not actually cold. But you need to stop doing that before winter, sweetie. Listen to Mommy. For once.

Dear Baby,                                                                                                             Sometime after dawn

Yeah, read the last letter again, will you? Yes, I have gotten some sleep. But it's not enough... okay fine, you're not compromising. I guess I will get some pillows and try to prop my body up so the milk dispenser stays within reach of your mouth. I guess this is because you're teething.

Still, you're crazy, baby. But I love you.


Dear Baby,                                                                                                                           12:57pm

Okay, Mommy's up now. She's talking to Daddy, who is home after working all night. You're sleeping. This is great.


Dear Baby,                                                                                                                          1:37pm

Leaving the room now. Don't wake up. (I confess I feel a bit free to go to the bathroom without feeling like I'm abandoning you. I did a little happy dance that was really me stretching my tight shoulders with a smile. Cause I'm too tired to dance.) Daddy's there for when you wake up. Which probably will be soon.


Dear Baby,                                                                                                                         2:22pm

Okay, I've had breakfast. And you're not awake.

This is weird.

But good, right? I guess I should get something done that's not easy to do with you awake, right?
You, awake, with your Tigger!


PS. I think I miss you a little.

Dear Baby,                                                                                                                           3:07pm

Your Daddy just brought you to me. Good morning, Starshine! (Or afternoon, whatever.) I'm happy to see you! Let's start our day! Oh, off for a diaper change!


PS. Maybe today let Mommy go say, ten feet away from you without thinking it's a big deal? I'll let you play with your giraffe. Or poppity turtle. Even Tigger or Tagpole. Whatever you want.

PPS. Love you.

*This is meant to be humorous so all times were estimated and all letters written after the fact. But this was basically Saturday night into Sunday this week. All photos are actually of that time!*

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thanks and Blessings

This is the weekly post where I take the time to thank God for just of a few of the blessings in my

I'm so thankful for my delightful baby. She's teething right now so I keep having to comfort her but she's so happy and playful lately, she melts me. I adore that little baby.

I'm thankful for my husband, who is my dearest friend after Jesus. We've been having some good times hanging out lately.

I'm thankful for crocheting and other crafts that give me the satisfaction of creating something with my own hands.

I'm thankful for children's books.

I'm thankful for moderate weather.

And as always, I am thankful for the internet.

What are you thankful for this week?

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yarn Along

I've actually been crocheting this week!

Not telling you what it is yet though, that'll be for next week!! :)

this is your hint

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Feels Great

While my American friends and family are blowing up facebook with statuses about pumpkin flavored everything, apple picking and putting on layers this is the conversation Ryan and I had this morning:

"Feels great outside."

"Yeah, it was mid sixties at sunrise. We should go walk to the store."

"It's going to get hotter though."

"Yeah, but it's really cooled down. The high for the day is only 90. To have some perspective that means it's going to stay cooler all day than human body temperature. It's really starting to cool down!"

Happy Saturday everybody, from India.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Thanks and Blessings

I've been very blessed. I've got a cup of chai and a wiggly baby, with a sweet kitty giving me loving looks. I've made fresh banana bread and the morning sun is peaking through the curtains.

This is the post on my blog where I thank God for the blessings of the week.

Thank you Lord for my Hindi lessons. I feel like things started to click a bit this week. I'm still so very, very beginning, just working on the Devanagari script and vocabulary right now but I can read words fairly quickly in a phonetic way now (as long as they don't have matras) and when my vocabulary expands maybe I'll actually be able to understand what I'm reading! Haha. Seriously though I have a bunch of words to absorb. Then I think I focus on learning the matras, more vocabulary, then grammar, then more vocabulary and the next thing you know maybe in a year or so I'll be speaking Hindi! It's exciting, especially as it's probably going to go much better than my five years of French since I'll get the privilege of immersion right outside my door. And maybe, with God's blessing, we can even raise a bilingual daughter.

Whoa, a bird is trying to next on my balcony as I type this... not too smart bird. Princess Panchali still has balcony privileges.

I'm thankful my herb garden is flourishing, except the citronella plant. It died. But that's because I didn't get enough flower pots and stuck it in a plastic jar I had punched holes in the bottom and apparently that wasn't good enough, drainage wise. It was only 25 rupees (about 40 cents) and an impulse buy, so not that upset about it. I'm hoping to buy more pots soon and add new plants, since the rest are doing great and adding a few more things to water is not a big deal.

I'm thankful Lydia is coming to visit next month. So much fun to anticipate.

I am thankful for my friendships and for my husband. 
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