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Simple Visual Advent Calendar for Children- Printable!

 I've been doing this every year since my daughter was a toddler and the kids love it! I wanted to do an Advent calendar, but they're hard to find in India and a simple cardboard one would be ripped so easily by a toddler anyway, so I'd have to keep it up high enough she wouldn't be able to really see the detail to see which doors are open or closed... And then I stumbled across one of the best ideas ever. Sadly, I can't credit the brilliant person who came up with it because I don't remember. But someone suggested make a paper chain with 24 links and each day of advent remove a link. It's visceral for children to see the chain shrinking smaller and smaller, building up that anticipation of Christmas that is such a vital part of Advent.  I added to it by deciding to write on the inside of each link a Bible verse to read and a Christmas carol to sing. I would cast (we have chrome cast on our television) the song to the tv and each day after playing the new so

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