Sunday, September 14, 2008

Progression and BAM I'm a grown up

I've never been a big quote fan. You know the type, who put something witty by Benjamin Franklin or Eleanore Roosevelt, etc on everything? Who start out a meeting or other formal thing with a quote to make you think?

It's not that I don't like quotes. I read them and reflect on them, if they're worthy, and absorb them into myself. But I also am from the school of thought that you should only quote if you can't express the same thought better yourself, or if it'd be plagiarism to do otherwise. And I loathe plagiarism, I really do.

When I was a kid, I'd make up my quotes... by me. I still actually do that, but not with the same vanity. I write and I'll make up quotes to start off my chapters. In one novel I'm working on (or rather, that I have not scrapped but haven't worked on for a while either) I make up quotes from people who "exist" in this fake reality... actually I had fun once putting up a quote in one book "by" a main character from another book. And in the current novel I actually am working on, I make up poems for the front of each chapter. I admit, though, in a way that's not half as fun as making up quotes.

But of course, I have quotes on this blog from God Calling, the best book I've ever read. I've had a much deeper relationship with God since I read it. I'd say "other than the Bible" but the Bible is in a different category... but God Calling is just as spiritually stimulating as the Bible. And easier to read, at least to me. But the Bible is universal and Holy. And while I do believe that God Calling was inspired directly by God, it's still not scripture. But it is more than "worth a read". If you're a Christian, I think that if you've read the Bible all the way through at least once, this book should be your next reading priority. But make reading the Bible a priority first.

I went to Barnes and Noble that day and prayed in front of the Christian Inspiration section for him to lead me to a book, if there was one he wanted me to read. And the cover of God Calling caught my eye. It had a very pretty picture of two women with wispy veils. I picked it up and started reading the back and an employee walked up and began rearranging the shelf so that only the spine of God Calling faced out. If I had been even thirty seconds later, the cover wouldn't have been exposed to catch my eye. (Just to let you know, I've seen three different bindings for God Calling, and the copy I have now is much plainer, so if you look for it and it doesn't have the women on it, it's probably still the same book). If you know me in real life and want to read it, let me know, and I'll get you a copy. I've bought at least six, though all but one I've either given or lent away, currently. I thought about buying another copy when I was last at B&N, but there was only one on the shelf and I didn't know if it'd be restocked and someone else might have needed it...

I just read the section for today. It speaks of stages that His followers go through. Oh Jesus, thank you so much for this book that helps us progress with you, in you.

You know, I'm ready to have a baby? Not financially or any of that stuff, but emotionally. My friend is having a baby, and I realized that there is no part of me that would think I was unready if my beloved and I (safely wed) had a baby right now. It was a strange, but welcome thought. I've become a grown up.

My love is 30 now. I'm 22. He's 8 years, two months older than me. My parents were 30 (Dad) and 28 (Mom) when I was born, though I wasn't their first. So they were 22 and 20 when he was born. I'm 22 now. I would have been happy, but unready, if I had been a mother at 20. But now, at 22, I know I'm there. Like I said, not financially, but... God provides and honestly, money should not be a concern. Actually, Friday's entry said as part of it "Only seek material gain when that gain will mean a gain for My Kingdom. Get away from money values altogether. Walk with Me. Learn of Me. Talk to Me. Here lies your true happiness". Besotted sigh. I am in love with Jesus.

Yes, thank you God for progression, both in our humanly and our spiritual lives.

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  1. hello friend!


    *runs away*

    (you're the victim of another tragic hug-and-run) :P


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