Friday, September 5, 2008

Right Where I'm Supposed To Be

I feel anewed.

I don't think that's a verb, but I feel it is.

I suppose I could use "renewed"... but it doesn't capture it quite right. I feel very free about expressing myself this way. The English language is a friend and a love of mine. It's playful, adjusting, and energetic.

Yesterday, I had confirmation.

My friend began working with me. I have only been at this job for a week and a half, but I was hired because they needed more people, and apparently the old newbies and I weren't enough, so they hired a few more. I recommended my friend and she got the job. So after work we decided to go to a store or two and eat dinner. Before we left the office, we were waiting for someone briefly. And my friend began talking about possibly getting her hair cut. I was telling her no, and suddenly realized I still had a pen in my hair. I remarked on it and as I did, I trailed off...

A memory hit me. Sometimes they do that. So fuzzy and bizarre, not the etched memories... and I told my friend "Do you remember when I told you, months ago, that I had a dream, or a memory, about us talking outside an office and I took a pen out of my hair? And it was so real I'd asked you if it was a memory then?" If I remember correctly now, I think her phone call had just woken me up and I was muttering this sleepily as I regained consciousness...

And she remembered. With a strange look she said "You did say something like that..."

"That was this moment."

Confirmation. That has happened before, but never with a witness like that. It was amazing.

And I knew, as I know, that it was confirmation. That I had been confirmed that I am indeed right where I'm supposed to be.

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