Friday, September 5, 2008

Sunlit Glades and Absorbing Beauty

Okay, so it was a curb, on the side of a parking lot... not a sunlit glade. But it was sunlit!

I am at peace and it's marvelous, marvelous. Not everyday is like this, but how I hope it will be!

Last night, after the dream incident, my friend, Tabitha, and I went out and discussed our lives. We sat by a pond, eating fast food on a picnic table. Two young men walked by and asked us directions, which we couldn't provide. Then one asked our ages. I truthfully told him we were both twenty-two. Then, at my friend's whispered urges, I added she was married and I was engaged. This was also true. But we cracked up when we overheard him whisper to his friend "They're lying!"

It was so strange to reflect on that though. I am twenty-two, employed, engaged... she is the same, except married of course, not engaged. But she's a newlywed.
We grew up. When?

Tabitha's Wedding. (I'm the arms holding flowers to the side.)

Last night was wonderful though. There was an intimacy in our friendship. She was having an awful day... but I was really able to connect and help her. When we embraced and said goodbye... I just love her, she's like a relative, a sister or close cousin, to me.

Then today at work, I did well. When lunch came around, I was joyous. And I went outside to absorb beauty.

There is a thin woods behind my office building, and I sat and gazed into the woods and at the lariapea (sp?) and just... absorbed. A crow cawed and for perhaps the first time in my life, I heard the beauty in that noise.

I look forward to work tomorrow. My friend and I have decided to take lunch together. And then that evening I hope to see friends, no, family, that I have not seen in a long time. My heart dances at the thought.

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