Monday, June 29, 2009

Cousins on Fascination Drive

Or was it avenue?

Today I woke up about 7:30 when my aunt was bustling around, about to go work. But I just read and then later when my uncle came home I went to the International House of Prayer with him. He asked me if I wanted to go the church service, which is Bible teaching mainly and has about 1200 attendees, or going to the 24/7 prayer room, which is emptier than normal on Sunday afternoon. I picked the prayer room.

We stayed for about an hour and a half. It was wonderful. As soon as I walked in, I felt something there, you know? But I wasn't sure if it was God. I was totally open, but wary. But it definitely was. It took a while for me to really get into it, and He started by humbling me. Most of what happened I am still 'pondering it in my heart'. But I probably will share on here before I share with many.

Then we came home, and had lunch, pizza, after my aunt got home at about 1. At 3 or so, my cousin Matthias came over. I have two cousins living out here, both sons of this aunt and uncle. They have three sons, but the eldest lives in NJ.

So Matthias came over, and I had been told the plan was that he and I would hang out and reconnect while my aunt and uncle went out with my other cousin Kirk and his girlfriend for coffee. Only apparently Matthias wasn't aware of this, and thought we were all going off and started pouting. I only tell you this, because I am trying not to say things that do not build up, because I am sharing the obstacle I am praying to overcome so that he and I can connect as Christians.

I had worried about awkwardness when I met with my aunt and uncle yesterday, but it wasn't there. And I was just excited to see my cousins, especially Matthias, because having talked to my aunt and uncle yesterday about them, Matthias and I sounded like we'd have a lot in common. But apparently he is reserved and wouldn't even meet my eye. He looked at the dog, his phone, but not me. I sat trying to catch his eye for like ten minutes! I'm not saying he's socially awkward, just very reserved. He wasn't looking to connect and it made me sad. So I'm praying about it.

Because of Matthias's disappointment, his parents called his brother and so we all went out for coffee (well I got chai tea). They are crazy! We went to this coffee house called "JPs" which is on Fascination Drive, a name that one of my cousin pointed out sounded like a bad show the CW might put on. They all talked and I fidgeted, trying to get into the shade (which didn't exist) because I didn't have my sunscreen in my purse. So now I will be even more colorful, and I'm the darkest this summer I've ever been. I have freckles! That's never happened.

Then Kirk and his girlfriend went their separate way from us and Matthias came back and we all ate dinner together. Then he went home and now I'm watching tv with my aunt and uncle. Later Kirk has a meeting in his parents basement of "the guild". I'm not really sure what that is, except it's a meeting of some sort between artistic folk.

I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow, but on Tuesday a Korean friend of my aunt is coming over and they are making apple pie, and on Thursday night I'm invited over to Matthias's to hang with him and his friends. Maybe I'll make some Christian headway then? I am going home on the 9th, in the evening. It is official.

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