Monday, June 29, 2009

The Guild

On Sunday night, Kirk came over to host the meeting of "The Guild" in his parents basement. I went down there, uncertain what it was. My aunt said she didn't know what it was, but it was a meeting of "artistic type people". So I arrive down there and Kirk says "Are you going to share?"

Apparently it's this really awesome thing, where these Christian artists of various media come together to share and build up each other, using encouragement to promote use of their gifts.

It was started out by a man who shared a monologue on the nature of humans, and whether selfish pursuits were evil. Then another man shared some instrumental guitar music he'd written. Then my cousin shared a song he'd written, words and guitar. Then his girlfriend sang a partial song she'd written on the piano. Then I think I went, and I shared a poem from this blog, actually, from November 8, 2008 which I'll put again here:

Saturday, November 8, 2008
Rough Poetry and Raw Truth
I am not who I want to be. Self has too much of a hold on me. I struggle and then I gasp as the struggle sends me flying like a door you lean on with all your strength until someone opens it and you sprawl across the floor.

I am tired, fatigued and I think that's not right. I smile but I frown when I think about my life. I know it won't stay the same, it can't, can they sustain the change that's coming? Not that I know the hows and wheres and I only think I sniff a whiff of the what that might be coming.

I am growing beyond this, I think, though not at a rate that doesn't leave me crying in disappointment. I hope it's only getting humbled, not true and abject failure. I yearn to not forget the who I've vowed to be. Maybe I will earn the death I ask for...

No, that statement is made in the ignorance of the moment just past. I know I earn nothing, I do nothing, I just am. Yet I am loved for being simple, unadorned. I am important, but not treasure. Not yet. Maybe never.

Little lumpy me, I will try to throw mySelf into the fire. And if I fall out, to brave it again. Oh scorch me, Light, scorch me! Try me and do not let mySelf win! Please, till it is only pure ore refined.
Search me, my truest Friend, know me, and Miracle-Existant love me, I dare to hope, love me

How weak I am!

Then I called on a new mom of a five month old baby, who said she didn't have anything, but she created him, right? :) Then another woman shared panels she had painted, quite beautifully, a single piece of artwork done on three canvas panels. Then the young mom's husband shared the vision he had for a short film he and his two brothers are making. He's roughed out a first draft of the screenplay, one of the brothers is doing a soundtrack, and I forget what the other one is doing, I think he might have helped write it and he says they've picked out a lot of costumes and such. The next step is storyboarding it and editing the dialogue because he's not happy with it. He says he'll be surprised if it's done in six months, but it sounds like maybe he'll have filmed it a year from now.

That was everybody, but then two latecomers came. Neither of them had anything to share I think, but a few of them chose to reshare their work with the newcomers.

It was pretty awesome. I've tried writers workshops, but what I liked about this was a) the various media and how it wasn't so much as your style or whatnot as it was that you were using the gifts God gave you and b) that it was all positive feedback, all for building up as the Scripture says because it was all Christians. I suppose c) would be that it was a Christian artists group, not just because of the spirit of positive encouragement, but because none of the art was offensive or negative. Most of it was directly to his glory (like my poem) though some of it was indirectly to his glory, like the panels. They were quite beautiful in a floral pattern, something I'm sure she did to glorify God, but the work could also have been done by a nonbeliever.

I'm thinking it would be awesome to start a group like that in Spartanburg, but I'd want it to be His Will. If I did, I'd call it "Soli Deo Gloria" which means "All for His Glory" and is what Bach put on all his work. The Guild meets once a month, on a Sunday night. I think a once a month format would be awesome, though the day could be TBA. Plus, I know there is a group in Spartanburg that calls itself the Artist's Guild and this would make it less confusing. :)

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