Monday, July 6, 2009

Aloe Vera and Facebook Chat

I woke up with a very sore throat. Last night as I was falling asleep I was feeling my ovaries hurt. I still do. So I prayed for healing, and actually, my throat eased up a bit.

It'd be sore because of allergies. I hadn't taken my allergy medicine. My aunt apparently used to have allergies but now she takes a glass of aloe vera juice each day and the allergies have gone, away. So I went and got a glass... and almost threw up.

It doesn't taste that bad. I think it triggered my gag reflex somehow. But it was disconcerting.

I got up and came out here and got on the computer. My uncle came back for lunch. It's his first day as an intern at IHOP. He's very excited and thrilled with what God is doing.

I've been on facebook for a while. I want to be sure I get to IHOP at least once today. I've not had a day here I've not gone there, but I'm not sure I'll be able to. I was thinking about going with my uncle when he left to go back, but I started talking to someone on facebook chat and if felt more important to talk to this friend than to go with him. I'm still talking to the guy, in another tab, and the conversation has been great. I like facebook chat, though it tends to have errors a lot. I don't like it as much for the technology, which isn't very advanced, as for the awesomeness of chatting on facebook. lol. Pretty much everyone I know is on facebook, though not everyone gets on that often. Because of this, you are more likely to see someone online you know, especially since pretty much I only have like five friends who use yahoo messenger or aim anymore.

But I'm having a good God talk with the guy. He's a guy from my church. He was asking about what I'm doing in Kansas City, and that's moved over into us talking about God and our relationships to Him. He's an awesome friend. I remember when I first got to know him I wanted to set him up with one of my friends from college. But it was already senior year. But he would have had potential for two of my friends. But one might not have liked that he's an Episcopalian and the other now has a boyfriend, so oh well. He's a really great guy. He can be my friend without dating my other friends. Indeed, perhaps more easily. Having gone to Converse though, I am not that used to guy friends. Most of my guy friends in college were dating or at least pining after one of my friends. That's how I'd meet them. We're discussing infant baptism and other denominations. He was raised in the Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, Baptist, Congregationalist churches. lol. His family moved a lot and wherever they were they'd just join whatever church seemed the best in that area. I love that and think that's awesome. Now he's a member of my church, which says great things about it, doesn't it? lol.

My home church is great. The Episcopal Church of the USA does stuff I don't agree with, but my home parish is good.

Sadly, because of the reputation being given the Episcopal Church, more and more people come that often don't have Jesus at the center of their actions. Whether it's homosexuals who are looking for a place to affirm their lifestyle, not a place to diligently seek the Lord, or women looking to become priests because they feel women should have the right, not because they were called. Am I saying all homosexuals aren't Christian? No, actually. Just because you become Christian doesn't mean all your faults are automatically vanquished from your personality. I do believe it is a sin to act on homosexual urges. But I feel like anyone who is diligently seeking to please God, God will teach that to in His divine time. There are lots of sins it took FOREVER to expunge for me, or even to realize they were sins. But God points them out and then works with you. I think most homosexuals wouldn't listen to Him because they shut out anything that convicts their lifestyle. But I've met gay people who seem to be urgently and earnestly loving God and I have confidence as long as they continue to feel that way, God will teach them just as He's done for me. And I'm not saying women shouldn't be priests. I've met women priests who I ask God about their legitimacy in that role and get an overwhelmingly positive response. But I've also met women who seem to seek it because they just want to take down the male run system, you know? I just get BAD feelings about their calling when they talk about it and I know that it was self, not God, who prompted them to look at the priesthood.

And unfortunately, the more from the negative camps who join the worse the church gets. I went to an Episcopalian thing once, at a different church than my own, and found out that the Episcopalians I was with didn't believe Jesus was the savior of the world! It made me want to sob.

But my own church, I love it. Oh, it's not perfect, but God's at work and at the heart of it. It's St. Matthew's Episcopal Church. We have a healing ministry where people are healed. We pray a prayer for spiritual growth, and in it says "...may our numbers increase and our commitment deepen..." and they've had TONS of twins being born. lol. I think that's funny, but still, it's an answer to prayer. We have diversity, though not as much as we'd love. It's just a great church, very welcoming and friendly.

I don't get to go that often though. No car. Hmm. I'm kind of wanting to go this upcoming Sunday. I'll be home then. Maybe I'll call another friend of mine from church and see if he'll give me a ride. He has a crush on me though. Hmm. Need to give this thought...

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