Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Blogging Addiction

I think I'm getting it. I keep thinking of things and wanted to post them. Some of them I come in here and then decide not to post though.

I like my anonymity, but I've give the web address to enough friends I don't feel COMPLETELY anonymous.

When I feel anonymous I feel like I can talk out my thoughts more. Whereas if someone I actually know reads a thought that I've not quite figured out yet, they might assume I have and things get complicated from there. Ah well.

Still, I have only given this to close friends, so I still feel like I can talk a lot.

I'm coming up with a new novel idea, a Christian fantasy novel... but it's so important to me not to misrepresent God it's kind of frightening, you know?

Anyway, that is this blog entry.

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