Thursday, July 30, 2009

Christian Womanhood

One of which, of course, I am.

A facebook friend of mine had something on her status about having completed something through and oozing praise about it changing her life. I went and looked and I felt... bad feelings. Am I saying that it's negative? Nope, not at all. Actually, I suspect those feelings were the enemy.

But I'm also not convinced it's for me.

I read the Manifesto, and certainly there is nothing wrong with it. I didn't sign it though. I logically decided to look at this again in a few weeks. Why is that logical? Currently I'm doing Praying for Purpose for women, a Bible study "prayer experience" 60 plan. I'm also in the midst of the 32 day guide for establishing your rearguard from Prayers to Outwit the Enemy. There is a 30 day thing done by the movement. So I think I'll wait until I've finished the rearguard one and supplement in the truewoman one, if by then it feels it's God's plan for me.

I have to say though, the website turned me off. Part of it is simple: it's too high tech and I have dial up. I can't stand websites that MUST have fancy videos and such when good old fashion photos and stuff would do. I'm not saying I hate them for it, but it turns me off. Also, the top article was about a pretty table setting and below that was about how beautifying your home is a godly thing.

Now, I love decorating and I'm not saying that that is false, per se. But if your website is supposed to be about being a true woman and all that and the first thing that you scream to the public is "decorate your tables" it just seems off.

Now, I think hospitality is very important, and if your home is ugly, it's not very welcoming. So I can see that. It also just makes people happier to live in pleasant surrounds....
I think that there is so much more spiritually worthwhile things! Spiritual warfare, for one.

Like I said, there is nothing wrong with decorating your table... but when you're a website about general womankind, I think that's the wrong message to send. Some women don't even have tables, and aren't supposed to...

I also got the feeling it was a marriage heavy protestant type website. That is, instead of saying "some are called to marriage and some to singlehood" and supporting singlehood, it has a vibe of "some are called to marriage now, some are called to marriage later and have to learn to wait, and some die before they marry". You know what I mean? I don't know, it bothered me.

BUT like I said, I think the enemy might be in it. So I'll ponder this in my heart, like Mary, and when I finish the rearguard program, I'll see if this is what God wants me to do next.


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