Monday, July 6, 2009

The Dancing Skyline

Saturday: the fourth of July!

I woke up. Ate. Went to the prayer rooms. Prayed, then went outside to eat and read. A man came running up asking to borrow a writing utensil, so I let him.

He came back and started just spouting off stuff. I had no idea what he was talking about. He was talking about passages in Daniel and Ezekiel, but I felt like I'd come into the conversation halfway through with no idea what the beginning was.

So I stopped him and told him that. He was an interesting person. At first I was following and he had some interesting insights into scripture, but then he was harping on predestination and how he didn't believe in free will. Then he revealed that God had revealed to Him that if IHOP didn't cut down on how many people there were He'd remove Himself.

I had no idea what to make of that.

I ended up advising him to pray for more mercy and faith, as we all always need that. I told him I agreed (sort of) in predestination in the fact that God has chosen us from the foundation of the earth, but that I thought discussing it the way he did was to put a stumbling block up. And he tried to argue any who it made stumble were already destined to stumble and I said that Paul wouldn't have warned us not to put up stumbling blocks if they didn't exist. I absolutely insisted that we have free will, and introduced him to my riverbank theory. That is, we have freedom to make choices within the banks, but if violate His will by trying to leave it, we'll get smacked head first by the banks and ricocheted back in the stream. Sort of. It's easier to explain with my hands. But it's like a parent with their children. Parents who give so many rules and no flexibility so their kids can't even breathe end up with kids who can't stand them, and kids with no boundaries grow into wild, worldly craziness. But the wise parents sets boundaries with lots of flexibility for the child to be who they are within the rules. Such is God. And you can't tie someone up and force them to love you; that wouldn't be real love. And since God craves above all for our love, He must give us free will to accomplish it.

I made all these points, and he would act like he got it, then respond with something on an entire other subject. It was weird.

I also advised him to read Growing in the Prophetic by Mike Bickle, the director of IHOP. I have only read part of it, it's one of the books lying around my aunt and uncle's house, but it really reveals the character of the man that is Mike Bickle, as well as advising caution in sharing prophecy, and I felt that this man needed to read on both of those. The reason I wanted him to read about Mike Bickle's character is because he seemed to be operating from the presupposition that the leaders of IHOP cared more about growth and money than about God's Will. Which isn't at all true. It's a genuine concern when you see a large gathering of Christians, and perhaps in time IHOP will fall to such a common failing. But IHOP is not currently like that at all! So his presupposition is false, and that being so, I wonder if maybe God did send him a message but he misinterpreted it based on a presupposition.

I actually have first hand experience at that. When God first called me to unify the Body of Christ, I had the presupposition that denominations caused division, period, and therefore they must be torn down in order for the unification to happen. But in time, God taught me He will change the hearts of Christians and denominations from the inside out. Maybe denominations will fall, or maybe they will just change so they can accept and work with other Christians unlike themselves. But the tearing down of denominations is not a prerequisite to unification.

And I hope that this man's own judgment of IHOP is similarly false but real. It might be entirely false, but I hope not, for his sake. But I shall turn to God.

I went back to the house at this point. My mom called. Then later my friend I carpooled with also called.

Then I went with Matthias and some of his friends to find fireworks!

The first place we went, we saw no fireworks. So we went to a building where one of the friends knew how to get access to the roof. So we ate bread, havarti cheese, almonds and grape juice.

And the fireworks came.

That is why I titled this post the dancing skyline. The skyline seemed to dance with fireworks at one point. It was lovely, lovely.

I really enjoyed the company of all them. It is so beautiful to get to know brethren.

I came back at 11pm, but my aunt and uncle were already in bed.

One reason I've not posted these as I go but instead summarized so many days today in the past few posts was because I've not been able to get online. My aunt and uncle have one laptop and my aunt has been having to take it to work. And she's got it password protected, so when I've wanted to get online but she's in her room, I can't access the computer.

But now I'm on it! :) And now I'm posting this.

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