Thursday, July 16, 2009

How Today Compared to "Tomorrow"

It was fun.

At first, I was irritated (as shown by my previous post). We went to the library, and it was just closed. Which is a big deal to me because I'm pretty much out of reading material and I'm stuck in this house for another half a week.

But there was nothing to be done.

Then she was on the phone with someone and just started pulling away from the library, but we didn't talk about where were going. She started driving, in the opposite direction of my house. I made her turn and she finally asked me where we should go because "she was just driving".

Of course, she'd made a big deal about barely having enough money for gas!

But I got her to park until she got off the phone, then we decided to go to an ice cream parlor. We split a small cup, which was sensible. It's been a while since we've gotten ice cream, but whenever we do we both get small cones, she eats three or four bites and throws the rest out. So this was much more sensible.

Then she realized she forgot her car charger, and we had to drive back to her house while she got it because her husband FREAKS OUT if he calls and she doesn't answer right away. Normal people could just turn off their phones and save battery power (maybe call him first and let him know, so he doesn't call and go "what???" when it goes to voicemail). But noooo, that can't happen.

Anyway, I wasn't really able to put aside my irritation until then. But finally, I did. So we pulled away from her house and went to the grocery store. I got another box of spaghetti because I wanted to be sure I'd have enough for us. I only had a half box at home. She bought mozzarella sticks because she had wanted to bring some, but they'd all been eaten when she went to her fridge at home.

So then, finally prepared, we went to my house. I showed her some stuff from the International House of Prayer, including some footage of the prayer rooms I'd taped. It's on God TV (Direct TV channel 365) at like 4:30 or five in the morning (varies on different days). But I got to show her what it was like.

Then I showed her some dog things I had recorded on the DVR while I made dinner. It came out fine, but the spaghetti sauce was sort of watery. :( Ah well, can't have everything.

Then we watched a movie, About a Boy. Which is one of my favorite movies of all time, either in second or tied with Pride and Prejudice.

She enjoyed it, but had to rush out to go get her husband. He'd been texting her throughout the movie, and had wanted her to leave earlier, but she told him how much was left at that point (half an hour I think) so she only had that much to spare.

So... that was the visit. Not horrible by any means.

Plus, she cooed over my animals a lot. :)

She works Friday and Saturday and my parents come back Sunday. So I am praying she and I can do something, at least briefly, tomorrow because otherwise I won't get anymore socialization with the outside world until Sunday.

Well, actually, I hope I'll be able to get to Bible Study. That's true. I'd momentarily forgotten.

Still, I hope we can do something tomorrow. I don't know though, apparently her husband had put his foot down and said "no" about us hanging out today, but finally relented only because he wanted to hang out with his own friends. So I anticipate his refusal tomorrow as well. Still, if we stay local, I don't think it should be too much of a big deal.

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