Thursday, July 2, 2009

Messy Cookies

I awoke on Monday being told they were just about having bunch with a friend. So I got up and was able to present myself only a few minutes after she arrived. She was the first person to be friendly to them when they were visitors at IHOP, and she is moving now. In fact, she'll be moving tomorrow (Thursday) to Florida.

We had a lovely brunch. The main dish was scrambled eggs, which were oddly made with half and half. They weren't quite as good as just plain egg scrambled eggs, but they were edible. I despair over my pickiness, not because I see anything wrong with it, but because I feel I'm constantly, if not outwardly then inwardly, criticizing what I'm being fed. We also had toast and delicious jam (strawberry rhubarb jam!).

Apparently my uncle prophecies. The friend had brought a tape recorder with her because she anticipated that when she would see him, he gives news from the Lord. It was wonderful when he did it, and quite amazing. I am certain his gift is from the Lord. Then he had words for me. My aunt went and tape recorded it for me, but the gist that I remember in my head were as thus:

'I see a vision of you, baking cookies. There is flour everywhere, very messy, but you're working in a beautiful bowl. It is turquoise and gold.
Right now your life is like this. Most people would look and only see the mess, but you see the beauty. And while now you have to wait, the cookies will be sweet. You can't have the sweet now, you have to wait for the process.
A year from today, you'll be eating of the sweet.'

And it was discussed how I see a butterfly or a puppy dog or other things that are beautiful, like the bowl, when others just see the mess. And I cry to the Lord "Don't they see? Can't they see?" and the answer is "No, because I have not given them the eyes I have given you".
Also, the turquoise is like the ocean, and gold is very precious.

I'm sure there might be more nuance, but that's the gist I can remember off the top of my head. I do have the recording, but I'm not currently listening to it. I love the promise that this "mess" my life is right now will have turned into "sweet" by next year, and I wonder what that means. I also do not lose sight of the fact that cookies are baked in ovens and that the hardest part might be yet to come. I also ponder that maybe that sweetness will be being with God out of this body... but I don't know. And that is always a blessing.

The turquoise and gold has a special meaning to me too, but I don't feel like sharing it here.
I revealed to my aunt and uncle and their friend about how I am called to help unify the Body.
We prayed and enjoyed each others company.
She left and later we went to the prayer room.

That night, my aunt made chicken cordon bleu. I hate bacon and swiss cheese so I had a can of food I brought from home along with the side dishes. I fear I insulted my aunt. :(

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