Thursday, July 30, 2009

La la la...

I feel happy.

My posts lately have seemed more diary like than my norm, I know. A bunch of "this is what happened today" type stuff. This one isn't really an exception.

I woke up at 5:22am. Considering I"ve not been going to sleep until 7am or so, this is very different. I got up, did laundry, took a shower. I was supposed to hang out with my friend... but she overslept. Go figure. :)

It was all rainy so yet again we couldn't do the take the dogs and a picnic thing. We went first to the verizon store, because she had to pay her bill. I have Sprint. I like Sprint.

Then we went to Petsmart. They had some adorable and sweet animals there from the humane society.

Then we went to the Carmike theaters. We go there a lot, it's a $2.50 movie theater... only apparently during the day it's only $1.50! We saw "Imagine That", which is a cute family film.

I came home and snuggled Devlin and Sophie (not at the same time). My sister called and she succeeded at basically accomplishing her internship. She might get published. (She's going to be an astrophysicist).

And... that's about it. But it's just been a good day. Simple. Good.

And I am so in love with God. I was just getting desperately hungry for His word earlier today in the verizon store and I opened it and read Jeremiah 9 and He showed me things in there and it was just so... GOOD. God is so good!

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