Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A New Day

The goats are buried.

Tabitha is sick again, major pains on her ovaries.

The kittens (the older kittens) are now officially outdoor cats instead of "porch cats". Hopefully nothing bad will happen to them.

I was working on my family tree again. My dad's cousin gave us a big already researched family tree last year, with my dad's mom side mapped out. I asked my dad about his dad's side, and then my mom about her side. Only Mom wasn't that forthcoming. Thanks be to God, my maternal grandparents still live, so I sent them an email to my family tree (which is hosted on a website) hoping they'll add details.

I think it's a worthwhile thing to do because our family genealogy is part of History, that is God's story. I've recently heard of stories of how previous generations have spiritual impacts on later generations and I think that's very cool. Admittedly, know my great-great's name and that they died in 18XX isn't helpful spiritually necessarily... but you never know when that kind of info is awesome to know, you know?

I'm started a new Bible reading plan yesterday. I've read the Bible through a few times, but not recently. Lately my readings have been haphazard. And that's not bad in itself, except if you're doing haphazard readings you might not be paying enough attention to important readings. That is, maybe I gravitate more towards certain books and chapters versus others. So what I did is I printed out a checklist of the chapters of the Bible and as I haphazardly read, I'll check them off. If I decided to read something twice, that's awesome, but it just doesn't get a second check mark. This way I'll have some record and see if I can read the Bible through again. It might take a few years, or maybe just a few months. It depends. But I'm not putting any time restrictions on it, just telling myself to make sure I read at least a chapter a day. If that's all I do, I should finish in three years (w/o any repeats). My guess is they'll be a lot of repeats, but there will also be a lot of days I read four chapters or so. So whether I get this done in less than a year or if it takes four or so, it's anybody's guess.

The first time I read the Bible, I went from Genesis to Revelation. The second time I went through and found out how many pages were in the Bible and divided it by a number (sixty, I think?) and then went through and grouped them together (for example, if there were 1500 pages, then I made rough groups of about 25 pages). I wrote the name of each of these groups down, then cut them into slips of paper. I put all of these in a bowl, prayed over them, and pulled them out in an order to read it.

The next time I did it, I just used that list to cut back up again and do it again.

That was the last time I read the Bible through deliberately, so this will be the fourth time. As I said, this time will be more relaxed and haphazard, but ultimately should result in me reading it all again.

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