Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh, Patience.

So last night I fell asleep around 6ish, maybe? I woke up at around 10:30pm. I had only slept a little, but I thought if I fall back asleep, I'll sleep in again and miss getting to hang out with my friend.

So I stay up. And everything is cool.
At 9:30 I call my friend but she's not up yet.
Then at like 10:30 in the AM I start falling to sleep. So I purposely sleep on the very, very lumpy couch so that I will not be able to fall deeply asleep, so that a phone call could wake me. I fall asleep around 11:30.

I wake up at 2. This is bad, because we were definitely supposed to have plans by then. Her husband had to be at work in Simpsonville at 1. So I call her. She says she called and called me but I didn't wake up, and that we'll just have to wait until her husband gets off, at 4. (I checked the caller ID, btw. She only called me ONCE).

So all the energy and excitement just deflates out of me. I go back to sleep for an hour, then I get up. I just feel listless and upset. I call her back at 4 something and she says she just wants to do the spaghetti dinner.

I try to neaten up but can't find the energy. Finally it occurs to me I've not eaten anything...

And THEN it occurs to me that I really want to GET OUT of the house. I deflated like a balloon when I realized we weren't having lunch because that was the "out of the house" portion. I'd get to see strangers and be away from my property. That was the part that excited me.

So I call her up and explain that. And she says that she's dropping her husband at his friends house and she'll be straight over.

So finally, I think, I can get online. See, I have dial up, and right now my cell phone is dead, so I had been unable to log on because I had to keep the phone lines open for her. So I get online and wait for her to come.

And wait.

So finally I log off and call her. She's at HER house because halfway home she decided to go to her house instead. Grrrr. She wants to know EXACTLY what we're doing, because what if she needs to wear something more substancial than flipflops? Oh horrors!

So I tell her what I had in mind: nothing, really. I want to stop by the library, but that will take up to fifteen minutes. I want to stop by the grocery store, but that will take five. I'd not really thought about more than that.

So now she's SUPPOSED to be coming over. I got online and am venting in this.

God, grant me patience!!!!!!

And let tonight be fun even if it's starting six hours later than I want AND we've got the fact that her husband needs to be picked up hanging over our heads (which I REALLY wanted to avoid: in fact that's pretty much a driving force behind why I wanted to hang out today instead of yesterday).

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