Monday, July 6, 2009

A Quick Summary of Three Days.

Wednesday and Thursday and Friday (the first three days of July)

I had thought I'd come out to a real live bustling city and there would be people. And there are.
But I don't really know any of them.

The IHOP people are nice, but they all know people. None of them really just randomly start conversations with strangers, because none of them are really seeking to know more people because there are so many of them.

Let's see... Wednesday. What happened Wednesday? I Godwalked. Oh, I went to the Forerunner book store for the first time, though I didn't buy anything. I hadn't gotten my wallet back yet (though I have now). I got it on Thursday. But I looked around.

Thursday, I visited the healing rooms, and I did feel a difference though not fully healing. But I'm working on that, or rather I'm working on having faith to let God work on that? :) Thursday night I went with Matthias to a gathering of his friends. It was fun. We just talked and joked. We played a 'tell a story one word at a time' game, but we only managed to do three sentences. I was only there for a little while, though, and then came back. I read for a while.

My aunt and uncle have a lot of great books around. Some I might consider buying, some I am just trying to read while I have free access to them. I only have a limited amount of funds.

But on Friday I did buy a book. I can't remember the name off the top of my head! Which I find annoying and frustrating. I've only read a little of it though. I started, and then decided I should spend my reading time reading my aunt and uncle's books while I have them, since I'll be taking this book with me when I leave.

I had decided to leave the prayer room and Godwalk. I thought God might take me back to the Healing rooms, but he let me go outside to be with nature instead. I'm totally for that. :) So I sat under a tree at the edge of the parkinglot and read. And then an SUV came and drove over the edge of the curb, you know, her front bumper? She backed up and the bumped fell off on one side. The woman came out, freaking out. Apparently it's a rental car and she didn't buy the insurance. Her daughter showed up, and I came over and helped and we were able to put it back. It's not perfectly in place, and it's scraped, but it's not falling off anymore either! That was a fun adventure.

Later, I went to a teaching session, the first I've been to since I got here. I heard Lou Engle speak. He spoke on spiritual warfare and bringing every thought in surrender to the Lord. It was very, very relevant to me. (Note to self, make another post about spiritual warfare). Afterwards, I took a shuttle back to the prayer room (this was at the IHOP U campus) and met my uncle. He was with a visitor from Wyoming. The man used to be a cowboy, and then the Lord spoke to him about reaching people who have never heard the gospel. And he was not that interested, and then he read about the nomadic people of Tibet, whose life is very like the life he lived in Wyoming, with their livestock. So he is uniquely suited to reach them. So he was on his way from Wyoming to the training center, which I think was in Texas or Oklahoma. He decided to stop by the prayer room on his way. We prayed with him, and my uncle prophesied over him.
Then we went home.

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