Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tonight in Spartanburg

Beloved, my heart is happy. I love the Lord, I love the Lord, I love the Lord.

Tonight I went to see a speaker, Dr. Jonathan Sarfati, at Spartanburg Seventh Day Adventist Church. My Bible Study didn't meet by itself tonight, but many of its members went to this presentation. Dr. Sarfati is a researcher, writer, and speaker with Creation Ministries International. The presentation was two part, the first part being Design, Deluge, and Dilemma, the second being the Most Asked Questions Answered.

It was a talk on creation versus evolution. He holds degrees in math, physics, and chemistry. It was about, on a basic level, believing in the Truth of Genesis and its important in today's culture where evolutionists attack those Truths.

I grew up with a compromise. I believed the Lord made the world, but didn't take the six days thing literally. I saw no conflict between the Bible and evolution and though those who did were ignorant.

Then in college, I met very intelligent creationists and, after months of growing respect for them, I looked into it. And became persuaded, not by their arguments, but by God's response in my heart to them.

There is no conflict between science and creationism.
There is, however, a strong conflict between those who have their faith put in evolution versus those who have theirs in God and the Bible. The viewpoint varies based on your presuppositions. There are many troubling quotes from evolutionary scientists that say no matter how much evidence points to an intelligent designer, they wouldn't consider the possibility because it wouldn't be naturalistic.

Dr. Sarfati showed an example of a beaker that is 300 ml full. The liquid is being dropped in at a rate of 50 ml an hour. So how long had he been filling it?

But then he said, it depends. Because was it empty or did it already have 100 ml in it when he started? And the current rate is 50 ml an hour: what if he had filled it really fast until it got close to 300 ml and then slowed it to a drop so the results would be exact? And maybe there's a leak in the beaker?

Evolutionary evidence is based on watching the evidence of what they can see in the present, and from that gathering information on the past. Creationism is about taking the word of the first person accounts of those who have been there in the past, and then comparing evidence against that. Especially with the vital witness and observations of the Creator Himself, who was there.

Another example he used was if you had to determine how old he was, how would you go about it? You could analyize how many wrinkles he had, his gray hairs, etc and come up with a decision. It would vary by where he lived (sun exposure), genetics, lifestyle, etc...

Or you could just find out about when he was birth from eye witness accounts of when it happened.

Their website, which has lots of free articles, is


  1. Sarfati is a disgraceful fraud and you have been deceived if you think the message he brought was anything except lies. Did you know Sarfati was in the vanguard of writing polemic when his group (CMI) brought a multi-year litigation against Ken Ham, leading Creationist from Answers in Genesis? That Sarfati held and promoted the view that Ham and Answers in Genesis (the creationist organisation you are most likely to have awareness of) were thieves, liars and were morally bankrupt for promoting a competing creationist publication? Further, Sarfati does not have separate degrees in Math, Physics and Chemistry. He has one degree in which these subjects probably featured, but has NO qualification in biology, geology, astronomy or paleontology, and yet pontificates on all those subjects regularly. Would you let a man operate on you merely because he was eminently qualified in carpentry? To advise you on tax when his qualification is in plumbing? He is not a "researcher", which implies actual research, which implies actual Science. Sarfati has done no Science at all since taking his paycheck from a Creationist organisation. Do not confuse polemic (which is all Sarfati has ever done for a decade) with actual Science, which bears no resemblance to Young Earth Creationism.

    It is interesting you say you were not persuaded by Creationist arguments (not surprising) but rather by some internal "feeling". Have you considered that many, many more Christians consider the arguments advanced by Creationists (eg, there must have been vegetarian Tyrannosaurs in the garden of Eden, or that (absurdly) the world is only 6000 years old, and have rejected those arguments, both because the claims don't stand up, but because it sits uneasily in their spirit, which is the same justification you use. These people correctly conclude that telling lies to advance a cause is always wrong, and especially for a Christian.

    The Science is settled, and although indeed there may be Scientists who desire that "naturalistic" outcome, doesn't change the reality that the Earth is billions of years old and that Humans evolved from earlier life.

    Your view is in a minority, even among Christians. Please reconsider your view.

  2. I do not know about any of the things you say makes him a "fraud". It's worth looking into, for if he lied about his qualifications, well that's a major sin.
    However, I shall not just take your word for it but will have to look into it myself. To do otherwise would be to accept gossip and possibly (not saying for sure) slander. It's not a priority to me right now though.
    If you read my more current entries you'll learn I've lost two pets this weekend to poison, and my cat just had a miscarriage as well.
    I did want to clarify though that I did not say I wasn't persuaded by the arguments. I did pray about what I was hearing though. I have faith, which has been rewarded, regarding praying about what I hear. The Holy Spirit will reveal to me if I need to be cautious about things. He did not tell me that about what I was hearing though.
    This is different from being blindly led by my emotions and heart. I do think the Creationist arguments have merit. I didn't really give much effort to talking about them in my post though because it is not my platform. While I think I am accepting creationism, I have not been called to preach about it or anything. Instead, I figured I'd talk about some things in general and put the website for anyone who wanted to look into it more.
    As for whether other Christians agree with me or not: well, I didn't agree with creationism at all just four years ago.
    See, what I care about, when it comes to other Christians, is whether they are diligently seeking and loving God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength. If they are, then I have faith in God to reveal His Truth to them as well as to me. If not, then I try to help them get there.
    One of my best friends and I used to agree about NOTHING and always disagreed. But we have both sought the Lord and His ways. He has transformed us and renewed our minds over the years. Now we agree on many things! He, and He alone, can bring us to oneness.
    I am flawed and I have no problem admitting I am wrong when God changes my heart on a subject. I know I still have some splinters in my eye. And until my Lord has plucked them all out, I shall not try to pluck out my brother or sisters. Instead, I shall just tell them what I believe and why, and listen to them when they do the same. I believe in the power of God and His ability to guide us. Perhaps you are right, but as I said, it's not a priority right this minute to find out. But I'll look into it eventually, and if my mind is changed I will blog about it. I promise.
    God bless you, and much love to you! (Please don't reply, I really don't feel like a debate at the moment. But thank you for your comment)


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