Thursday, August 27, 2009

Humble Song

Humbly I say,
Only humbly may I proceed

For I know
And I know
I know of my deep deep need

My need is greater
Greater Greater Lord
Weaker Weaker
Each day do I percieve
When I realize who I am
And then I realize I am
I am one who
One who believes

Humble, Humble
as humble a one as you'd make me
A servant belittled by the entire world
But lift me up and show me who I am

Weaker, weaker
I know this is who I am
Weaker, weaker
I know, I know this is who I am
I am one so weak that I
Stand up and proclaim
In the Holiest of Names

Humble, Humble
Humbly may I be crucified
by you
Humble, Humble
I have died through you
And I, I
I say bye to I
And hi to You
Allelu Allelu Alleluia
Alleluia alleluia
a le lu ia

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