Monday, August 17, 2009

Preperation v. Planning

My last post was about disappointed plans... which I'm used to. I'm not really supposed to make plans.

I have been giving this thought lately. God makes the real plans, you know? Is there any point in us planning? Or, specifically, me? God's always veered me away from plans, either with guidance that way or just with throwing tons and tons of wrenches into them. :)

It's not that I'm saying be irresponsible either. Which is why I've been giving this thought. Where is the balance? And now I think I've figured something out.

I need to live prepared. Preparation and hopes are the forward force, not planning and goals. Those belong to God. But I need to be prepared to carry out His plans.

It might seem a simple revelation, but it's huge too. Not because it's particularly profound, but because I've had the worldly wisdom of "plan, plan, plan" being pushed upon me all my life. And the Spirit has always guided me to resist this... and realizing how to react to it is big. I need to prepare, but planning needs to be resisted. I mean, there is no harm in little plans like "I plan on going out with my friend today". But there is harm in assuming it's set into stone. I suppose I really "HOPE on going out with my friend today". There's a key difference.

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