Monday, August 17, 2009

Today and how it deviated

It's been two weeks since my last post! Considering I posted practically daily in July, this feels like a huge time off from blogging. And that's sort of funny, since I used to be a once every three months type of blogger.

You know how whenever I make plans it all falls apart? Well... it happened again.

Today was supposed to go like this:
Wake up around 8. Be on the road, catching a ride with my Mom who has to be at work at 9, leaving the house at like 8:20.

Meet up with friends in Spartanburg at sometime in morning. Lydia, who I went to MO with, is finally back... and leaving for CA tomorrow. Grace is a great friend I go to Bible study with, but rarely get to hang out with socially outside of Bible study. And their friend Amanda actually goes to my church, but I've never met her! So I was supposed to be introduced and we'd have fun happy times until Grace had to go to work at one.

Amanda would also say bye, then Lydia and I were going to be alone. I would either talk to her now or later, but I want to catch up with her, especially telling her about Kansas City and IHOP. Especially IHOP and what God did for me there.

Then we'd go swimming at another friend's house. Then I guess we'd probably get dinner (I have like 4 bucks so I'm thinking taco bell). Then we'd be meeting another of her friends, and some other friend or friends, I forget and we were going to the movies. Then Lydia would drive me home and I'd have had a blissfully happy day.

That did not happen.

Instead, let's rewind to yesterday. My friend Sarah got married. I didn't go, but Lydia did. And Grace tagged along. And apparently she didn't leave Columbia (where the wedding was) until 3 am or so. So she texts me saying there's no way we're meeting up in the morning. All right, that's fine. I plan on doing everything else the same, but just spending my morning at the library.

On my end, I had to go to Charlotte picking up my sister. Her plane got in at around midnight, so we were home a little before 2. But then I talked to her, and let's face it, I'm a night owl, so I wasn't sleepy. She went to bed around 3:30, but I hadn't prepared for today. I had to lay out my clothes so I could just slide into them in the morning. I had to figure out just what I was bringing with me to Spartanburg: pamphlets on IHOP, swimsuit, etc. I got to sleep after 5:30 I know for sure. I debated if I should sleep at all.

See, sleep and I are old foes. I need it, sadly, but whenever I fall asleep I entirely lose control. I am not a control freak, so it's not that it's that, but sleep always screws me over. As it did this morning. I woke up at 10:30, my mom long gone.

Lydia called me around 11:30, once she'd gotten up. I told her, hoping she'd be willing to come and pick me up. She wasn't.

So I cried. (Not on the phone, after)

Then something occurred to me... Tabitha! She is usually willing to run around, so I called her, explained the situation, and asked if she'd be willing to take me to Spartanburg. She said it was a definite maybe, but she has plans until at least 1:30 (and it's 1:22 now, so I'm waiting to see if she'll call me soon). I told her that Lydia and I would be hanging out until after the movie and she thought that was cool...

So I, better cheered, call Lydia. And she tells me she's not willing to drive me home after the movie now, she's afraid of over doing it and getting ill after not getting home until practically the morning last night. You have to understand, I live 45 minutes away from the east side, which is where she lives. So to go to my house is 45 minutes and to go back to hers is another 45: that's an hour and a half. If she had done that this morning and this evening, that'd be three hours just to give me a ride. So I understand... but she had already told me she'd be willing to take me home, so I was really disappointed. I'm trying to scrape at least a little of these ruined plans back together and, well, she's not.

She says my mom should take me home. My mom (who works on the east side) leaves work at 6pm.

If Friend T leaves right now to come get me, she'll be here around 2. We'll go 45 minutes to Spartanburg and be there at 2:45 or 3. I can't ask her to take me and not hang out with her at all, but let's say I spend an hour with her. That puts me with Lydia at 4. That means she and I would only have two hours together.

Part of me says is it worth it? Especially since Tabitha is never here exactly when she says. If she said she'll be done by 1:30, she'll probably actually be done at 2 or 2:30.

But I also really just want to hang out with Lydia, especially to talk about God, KC, and IHOP. And to hear about Sarah's wedding! I saw Lydia at Bible study on Friday, but otherwise I've not seen her since I said goodbye to her in Columbia, MO back on June 27th. And she's leaving again tomorrow.

Admittedly, she'll only be gone a week. And then she'll be back for a while because her job will restart again here.

That's it. Once again I am waiting and seeing what will happen.

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