Monday, August 3, 2009

Welcome to August!

And what a fine month it is.

My God is so amazing. It's mainly in the little things He is great. My God is just... yayness personified.

It's true.

I had a good day of work on Saturday. I kicked off 8 hours on the porch cleaning. It's still not done, but it's better. I did a tiny bit this morning, but I'm a bit more day dreamy today. On Saturday evening I went out with an old friend too, caught up. It was good. I hope it was cosmically good too, you know?

Sunday was a good sabbath day of rest. I went out with the same friend whose dog I can never get with my dog? We looked up rental places. We got the paper and the IWANNA but there were only a few prospects there. So then we drove around areas that were in the right general corner of the upstate, but likely to be both inexpensive and relatively safe. And if we saw a for rent sign, we wrote down the number. Excitingly, the strongest prospect currently is a trailer within walking distance of where I live. I love the idea of having a friend that close. And we won't have an excuse not to get our dogs together then! The sign outside had in small letters the price per month and the deposit required, and the number. She called and left a message, but no one answered, it being Sunday. But the next cheapest thing we found was 50 dollars a month more, and was in a bad area. See, we'd driven down a nice street and saw a nice twostory house and knew she probably couldn't afford it, but called anyway. And the guy who answered said that house actually wasn't ready for tenants, but he had two other properties. He gave us the address and told us the price per month and we checked them out. One is a duplex, which she isn't wild about. And both had tons of kids (mainly teenagers) milling around in the streets, which both made her nervous (gangs? drugs deals?) and also made her annoyed. Even if those kids are perfectly harmless, she doesn't want to have to deal with worrying about hitting people in the road every time she comes home. I can see that. Plus, her husband is an introvert and likes to be isolated. The trailer isn't isolated, but it's got more land around it than the houses did, and certainly more room between you and your neighbor than the duplex!

Still, they don't know yet.
Currently, they're living with her parents. They've been having marital problems and now he's confessing he wants to live elsewhere. That seems like it's probably healthy to me. It's probably tough living with your in-laws.

And today... I cleaned the porch a little. That's pretty much it, productive wise. But I'm on the internet for the first time in days and you're expected to keep in touch electronically, so that's probably not a bad thing or a waste of time. And I played with kittens, which is always good. :)

I think I'm going to have some lunch and then go clean the porch some more. (It's a screened in porch, btw, that we use as a tool shed/gardening center/place to keep sunscreen and bug spray/cat land/where my parents read the newspaper/etc and it's just overcrowded with stuff. Plus, since it is outdoors, it's muddy and dusty and such. That's why it's taking so long to clean it.)

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