Thursday, October 1, 2009

Last Post of September

As long as I can write this in fifty minutes, that's true.
I'm not really feeling any worse today, so hopefully I'm not getting sick, it's just allergies. It turns out people could see that smoke I was smelling ten miles away! And it was being burned right behind our woods. It was a controlled, but illegal, burn.

I'm in a pretty good mood.

I've been working on our songbooks for Bible Study. Lydia has been using her talents to good use in leading us in song each Friday. She compiled songbooks. For years she's occassionally brought music, but she felt very convicted by God that since she has this talent (she plays guitar and keyboard as well as sings and plays many other instruments) she should share it with the Family of Christ. So she's been bringing songs, but she works and is also otherwise busy and keeps forgetting to maintain the songbooks until just an hour or so before Biblestudy. She asked us a few weeks to suggest some songs we wanted, so I had her text me the list, and I found them and I printed them out. It was fun. It was good to get something accomplished. Now if I can only stay healthy until after Friday so I can make sure I deliver! I also made a cover sheet. See, I helped her organize the songbooks, which are in binders, into four categories: Scripture Songs, Hymn, Praise and Worship, and Christmas Carols. But people don't seem to get the organization because my friend will say "It's the third song, first line "The love of Christ" in Scripture songs" and someone will be fumbling in Hymns saying "Where is it?" So I made a title page. It just says "Bible Study Songbook" on the top, then at the bottom has the categories listed in order and color and in between I put a bunch of verses related to music, singing, etc: Ephesians 518-20, James 513, Colossians 315-16, Judges 5:3, and Psalms 100:1-2, 95:1-2, 98:4-5, 108:1-3. I haven't printed them out (well I printed one out to see if the colors would come across) because I don't have the song books, my friend does, and I want to color code the categories according to the color they are in the song books (they're on dividers).

Maybe that sounds complicated. It's really not, but I could see being easy to get confused just reading that.

So October is coming up! On October 2, 1993 I moved to SC. On October 4, 1980 my parents married (that makes it 29 years this year!). Here comes October... welcome...

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