Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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It's funny, I felt like I hadn't really blogged this month. Oh, I know I had, but I mean there were many days in a row with no posts, so I felt like this was a slow month. But I was just looking and this month has the second highest amount of posts since I started this blog. (The most was in July, which was mainly because I blogged a lot on my trip while I was in Kansas City, and then more when I was home alone while Mom and Dad were on vacation).

It's a cold and rainy day. I woke up because my parents were playing rockband above my head (I sleep in the living room).

I'm wondering how the little kittens are. I mean, I'm sure they're fine, but I didn't see them yesterday and I was planning to look at them today but it's pouring. I still want to but I'm not sure I want to brave the wet. Awwww, Devlin just came in and he's soaked! I put him in my lap and he's trying to catch my typing fingers. :)

Sophie is jealous so I'm petting her with my foot. While there would be enough room in my lap for Devvy and Sophie, there isn't enough for Devvy, Sophie, and the keyboard.

Apparently today is my cousin Vanessa's 33rd birthday. She died in 2005 in a mudslide. My cousin in law, her sister in law, is putting flowers on her grave today.

My argument with "Jim" is lightyears away now in my mind. Well, it was never an argument. Hopefully we can clear it up anyway though, so it doesn't come to the forefront someday out of the blue, and move on.

I've been searching for more friends on facebook lately. I hadn't done it in a few years (I've been on facebook for four years) and there are LOTS of people, especially from high school, that are there now that weren't a long time ago. And people who I wasn't sure about adding then, I want to add now because high school is so far away at this point I have no grudges or whatever, you know?

I have had some really good God moments in the past twentyfour hours. And I'm looking forward to even more. My heart is for the Church and brethren, will you join me in a daily prayer? Pray that tomorrow (and today if you want, I prayed it late at night) the Church as a whole, the whole Body, the whole Bride, will take at least one step closer to Him, and consequently each other.

I love you all, my brethen. And I also love you, my neighbors.

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