Monday, October 12, 2009

Cottonwood Trail, Farmville, and Kittens

"Jim" and I talked until like six in the morning. I didn't go to bed right away because I had some stuff to do. I also got really in Farmville on facebook. Then I realized if I fell asleep I'd not be awake when my friend was coming at 3 to pick me up and go walking. I lied down for a nap anyway at 1pm, but that same friend kept texting me. Then my aunt called because she saw I was on Farmville and was so excited she had to call and talk about it! lol

My friend came a little early, and I showed her a picture of "Jim". Then we left and went to the Cottonwood trail, or the "Edwin Griffin Preserve" I think it's called. We walked the wetlands trail, the highlands loop, the turtle something?, and looking the map we've been on all of it except maybe the shortcut trail, but we'll do it. We walked, total, about four miles.

Then we did some of her errands, then drove around long enough to realize there's nothing for us to do, and went home. She got a sandwich from McDonalds, but I waited until we were home and made myself a chicken pattie sandwich. I gave her some macaroni and cheese and we watched most of a movie before she had to leave to pick up her husband from work. We'll watch the rest of it later.

Then I went straight to bed, havign been awake for 29 hours. Just as I lay my head down, "Jim" texted me, excitedly asking me when we are going to talk tonight? He has a pay as you go phone and so we meet and talk on skype, which is free, instead of paying 25 cents a minute. I was saddened though, because if he could just call me I could talk while I fell asleep, but I was too tired to get up and sit upright in a chair, lol. So I slept and woke up at 2:30 am and didn't fall back asleep. I texted him at 3:30 and he responded he was still awake and I got online to talk to him. We only talked for a few minutes though, and then he had to go to sleep. (Being in CA though, it was only around 2 am his time when we stopped talking).

I took a nap for about twenty minutes around five am, but was awoken by my dogs going crazy barking. Sigh.

It's pouring very cold rain. So when I went to feed the outdoor cats, I realized that Mallory, who has kittens in the garage, shouldn't have to go through the rain to eat. So I brought out some food to her, and glanced to see if I could see anything. We've been leaving her and them alone. None of us even knew how many there were. So I saw her and I saw some grayness, which was a kitten! Yay!

Later, I fed a can of food to Toby, who only eats part of it. So I decided to take the rest to Mallory, since it's her favorite. She's not eaten any of the dry food I'd brought earlier, so I wondered if she knew it was there and moved it closer... and looked. She was staring at me, trying to decide what I was doing. So I tossed her a bit of the canned food... it bounced off a piece of styrofoam and she looked for it and was so hungry she began licking the styrofoam! So I moved the whole can as close to her as I dared, and she got up to eat it and I got to see there were three! A black one with white feet, a gray one, and one that is either cream or very light orange colored (either Devlin colored, or between Baryon and Devlin colored). They are so cute! They were born less than a week ago!

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