Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I just had a strange dream. Little kelly dolls 11 for 2.08 or 10 or 4, it depended on the interracial pack you picked? Monopoloy and all board games 20.00. Told a little boy by accident something was too expensive and his mother thanked me in one store, told a mother in another store and she laughed and said she'd thank me too. I had a little hispanic sister? Is that right? I was buying a bag of onion, ginger root... and other stuff? Before that at the house that was high on a hill, lots of trees, long driveway. Something about a cop/neighbor who was trying ot regulate what the outside looked like? I tried to get everyone to help, but they all had work. Before that... On the road? Yes... ah, yes, I had drifted to sleep from the rock slide on I-40. But after that and before the house on the hill was the neighbors and other houses? I can't remember...

I write this down because I had asked God for a dream.

Of course I asked for this when I fell asleep last night and I woke up for a few minutes this morning, then went back to sleep and that's when I had these dreams. Do they count? They're the ones that stuck...

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