Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy, Bouncy, Glowy!

Right now, life is good.
It might change, but I enjoy it when it's good.

Mom and Dad just left for Florida. They're going to visit my older sister and her husband, as well as my great-aunt. While there they are picking up a car that my younger sister bought and driving home (they are flying there).

Speaking of my younger sister, she's also travelling this weekend. She leaves at 3:30am on the train from her college to her boyfriend's college to spend the weekend with him.

And speaking of boyfriends... well, I can't say that yet. But things are going really good with... Jim? Was that the fake name I gave him... (going to check the blog) Yes, Jim. I've pretty much stopped speaking to Bob. He's a nice guy, and I'll chat with him a little to make sure he's okay, but he's not Jim.

Jim and I share a spiritual connection. He's the first guy I've met who has unity of the body as a priority (except a friend's dad lol) and so maybe that's all it is. That is, we're feeling a connection because we have similiar functions in the Body of Christ... but maybe not. :) We did, after all, meet on a Christian singles website. But he's definitely crushing on me, and I am on him too. Everytime I think of him I smile. He's 27, a recent medical graduate, and lives in CA. He was talking about coming to see me in November, but I said we should hold off on planning that far ahead for now. He's not had as many relationships as me, and is a little overexcited, that is, he is so excited he's kind of rushing things with eagerness. So I'm the calm, rational one. lol. (That's a first) But I'm excited too.

Tonight I have Bible study! Yay! I am making chili, which is simmering in the crock pot. Later, so it'll be fresh, I'll make corn bread, which is a wonderful thing to eat with chili. I also need to grate zuccinni for Mom (she wanted to do it before she left, but didn't get around to it) and freeze it so she can make zuccini bread all winter (YUM) and take a shower.

Right now I'm watching Star Trek and rocking with Sophie in my lap.

Oh! And Mallory, the cat, had kittens! I have no idea how many, but they're in the garage. When Devlin and Baryon were kittens, she ended up runnning off with them, so I'm nto about to poke around and scare her away to a possibly dangerous location. So I'll just have to wait to see them. But surely I will soon enough. Maybe not until their eyes are open though. I wonder if there is one, two, three, four?

I hope we'll get her spayed after this. We would have already, but between Cinnamon's vet bill ($550) and the burial of the goats ($200) we didn't have enough money. Devlin and Baryon are six months old now, and I think Devlin is getting interested in girls (he's always been a week or two ahead of his brother, but it probably won't be long now before Baryon is too). I hope we get them neutered before they start fighting each other.

That's all I have to say at the moment, I think, except THANK YOU GOD!
I am delighted! Happy, bouncy, glowy!

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