Sunday, October 25, 2009

My latest update

Group photo from the party. I am the one holding the dog. A few people had left before we took this.
:) That's my smile to all of you.
Thursday was Lydia's birthday.

The Birthday Girl!
Lydia, on the right, with her Converse little sister.

It was hosted at the house of two great friends of mine, Grace and Jacob. They are a married couple. It was a jazz party. We had appetizers, drank a little (no one got drunk though, thank goodness. It's not fun anymore when people get drunk).

That's me with the champagne flute.
Blow out the cake, Lydia!
The hostess, Grace, partying.

And we danced. :) The party lasted until one am. My friends, the hosts, asked me to stay over. We stayed up talking until three, and then the wife went to bed and me and the husband talked until seven. He works nights, so he's used to staying up late. I slept on an air mattress in the living room. At 8:30 the wife tried to get me up for breakfast without success, then she went to visit another friend of ours. I got up around noon when she got back and we had lunch together before she went to work. A little while later her husband got up and we talked about pets and then watched a movie until Bible study, when all three of us went.

Bible study was good. Some great news: Jeremy Vangnes spoke! We listened to a recording of a missionary of 30 years giving a speech about how to support missionaries. I didn't find it extremely helpful, but it was interesting. It made me think about "Jim". He's got a heart for Asia, as well as America and Eastern Africa. There were cool points and listening to it wasn't a waste of time... but I admit I wish it was an actual BIBLE study. But then we had wonderful prayer and then sang. Last week my friend who just had the birthday and I sang Bible verses together. She formalized what we had made up last week and we sang that. It was great.

I went home and got to see my beloved Sophie... who I am proud to say had handled my overnight absence well!! She's usually a nutcase about it, so she's learning. She's currently sleeping in my lap. "Jim" and I talked, and then I think I went to bed.

Today I slept most of the day, then spent time playing with my cats. The internet is really slow.

Oh! And I found out about a singing group I might join if I can find a friend to join me. I sang in high school (with the friend who goes on walks with me) and in college (with the friend who had the birthday) and so maybe I can get one of them to want to do it too. It depends on their schedule. Or maybe both. That'd be fun. So maybe I'll have more to talk about about that.

I'm not doing great, spiritually. I'm just... flummy. I don't think that's a word, but it's accurate. I'm just... not having self discipline or success? I don't know. Persistance is the Christian way though, so that's what I"m going to do. But prayer is appreciated. I'm kind of... not as good.

Aww, I forgot to mention. Grace and Jacob are so sweet. They told me an apartment next door is available (They live in a triplex, and it's in the duplex next door) and they both, separately, told me and wanted me to know. Jacob works nights as a security guard not too far from me and he's telling me he's thinking about getting a different (day) job and maybe I can have his. It would suit me. As I told them though, even if I got a job tomorrow it'd be a while before I'd have the security deposit and everything to move in somewhere. But it's really nice to know you're loved enough your friends would want you as a neighbor, you know?

In general I am happy. Spiritually I'm not on a mountain, but with persistance and relying on God, I'll get through it.

I love you all! :)

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