Tuesday, October 6, 2009

This Blog isn't what I want it to be

I get on here and I want to expound on amazing stuff. I want deep and meaningful blog entries.

Instead what I get is "Well, today I blah blah blah and I feel blah blah blah".

I think of all these deep and cool things to blog, but almost never when I'm sitting at the keyboard.

Not that it's about me. This is GOD'S blog. I want it to reflect Him as best as I can in a blog. It's not supposed to be about me and my petty life. Assuredly, God is part of said life, and I can only write from my perspective. But still, at the core of it, it's always supposed to be about HIM, not me.

So I'm confessing this, and now I'm going to repent. :) Praise God and I'll try to show more substance in my next entry, which should be about the Shane Claiborne thing.

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