Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Truth About Satan and Hell

I was on yahoo answers and someone asked what Satan gets from torturing Christians for all eternity. Which of course is a complete misconception.

So I answered and decided to repost my answer here. So here's my answer:

Satan torturing non Christians for all eternity is NOT the Biblical Christian viewpoint, it's actually a secular twisting based on pagan mythology of underworld gods.

Satan is actually torturing us NOW, so we'll turn away from God, since God loves us and wants us all to turn to him. He's not in hell now, he'll be put in hell later. He's called the "prince of the world" in the Bible. God's allowing it because He is Holy when He destroys evil, he will destroy ALL evil, which includes us because you have to admit, you know you have an evil side inside you. But he loves you, and all humanity, so he's choosing to instead give you time to choose him. This time He's giving you to choose won't last forever, but it is in His Mercy that He's giving it to you.

Christians, by the way, aren't perfect, but through Jesus and the cross (which is why we make such a big deal about the cross!) our sins have been forgiven IF we abide in Christ. The more time we spend with and get to know Jesus, the more evil is killed inside of us. He is the Light and Light ALWAYS banishes darkness, darkness never conquers light. Darkness can only truly reign in the absence of light. Some people claim to be Christians by saying a simple prayer once, and maybe going to church, but never really know Jesus. Jesus says there will be those who in the last days will claim Jesus but He will say "Go! I never knew you!" And it's only by knowing Jesus can we hope to gently have the darkness taken from within us, the splinters plucked from our eyes. I try hard not to sin, not because I'm scared of hell, but because I know and love Jesus and want to please Him. The Bible says, of real Christians, that all things are allowed but not all are beneficial. When you're really transformed, or born again, your desires change.

If everyday you wake up and chose to not follow God, one day God will say "Okay, you don't want me? Go exist where I am not."
And that's hell. God is all things good and pure and perfect. Hell is not some cavern with lava, it's where God is not. That is it is everything evil and corrupt and distorted. Real darkness. The Hebrew word for Hell, Sheol, means the garbage pit. Once everything good has been refined from the world, that which was corrupted will be thrown away. God doesn't want you to be thrown away, but the only way to be spared is to let Him redeem you. But God gave you free will because He wants you to love Him and be the beautiful one He created you to be, not a puppet. He knows love cannot be forced. So it's totally your choice. The gift of redemption is offered, but if you don't choose to repent and believe, you'll be thrown away with the rest of the corrupt world.

Secular culture and the dark ages (when most people weren't able to read, so there was a lot of heresay) has created this cartoon image of heaven and hell, but when it comes down to it you'll either be with God, who is good, the creator of laughter, friendship, and love himself. Or you'll be in hell, which is the absence of all things pleasant or good in anyway.

I'll pray for you, because I love you all not through my own power but through Christ. You're my neighbors and I hope you choose good because right now you have absolutely no idea (and I admit I can't fathom it either) what it would be like to exist in a place where God wasn't. Sunshine, songs of birds, all things good... only pain and darkness and being totally alone. My heart aches that it never happens to you!!!!!!!!!!! Please choose Him. God bless you.

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