Friday, November 6, 2009

Not a Great Day. Pray for me.

I'm tired.

It has not been the best day ever... at all. lol.

I woke up and my Mom comments I don't look good, that I'm a funny color.
Then I take the dogs outside to do their business and I notice Radar is limping. I try to check it out, but see nothing amiss.
That's a picture of Radar
I played online and then was planning on visiting the kittens, but I start feeling wave after wave of heat, then start sweating so I think "I just broke a fever". I go and have my mom feel me and she says I feel cold. So I'm not sure. You do cool down when you break a fever, of course, but it's a slow cool down.

So I get Devlin and lie down and cuddle. That was good. Sophie joined me and we all got along. Very good.

Then Tabitha calls. We were supposed to hang out today. I tell her I'm feeling a little off, but I'd still like to hang out so she says cool, she'll be there in about an hour.

And so I get ready and wait... and wait.. and call.. and text... and wait. Her phone acts up sometimes, so I both called and texted and left a voicemail. Two hours later, I call her house. She also lives with her parents, and is married. Her parents tell me she and her husband are gone. Before, I'd overheard in the background my friend's husband saying he'd be asleep with the dogs, so I know plans must have changed for him to have left. This makes me relax a little, since it means she probably wasn't in an accident.
So a little while later my Dad decides to go to Costco and I go with him. I try one more time before I left to reach my friends, but she doesn't answer.

It was a good trip out. We picked up a book we've been wanting, got snacks, got gyros for dinner, and kitten chow, amongst other things.

We get back and Radar's paw is oozing and infected. Apparently there was a cut I missed. He's limping worse than ever.

And I hear about Fort Hood. :( My cousin died in Virginia Tech, so I empathize immensely.
We eat dinner and watch tv. When the news comes on, and I hear more details, I am nauseous with empathy. It gives me a headache.

Meanwhile, I've still never heard from Tabitha, but I get online, and she was on playing Farmville! Obviously there was no emergency. She does this a lot, but usually there's a good reason. And maybe there is this time too, I don't want to get mad in case there is, but at the same time she never has the decency or consideration to call me! Or even pick up the phone and say "Hey, me and my husband decided to do X so I can't come" or "So and so called and I have to do X" or even "My husband decided to do X so I went to drop him off first and the car broke down" or whatever it is.

But obviously she has no respect for me or my time. And more than anything else, it just hurts my feelings.

And then I get online and I talk to "Jim" and he's in B&N reading a book and I comment that I dislike the title and he just goes on and on about how I shouldn't judge and it's wonderful and is all defensive and I feel snapped at. Then he said he has to go home and maybe he'll talk but he feels like he needs to be with God right now. Which is great and all, but he prays all the time and he feels talking to me for half an hour will keep him from God? :( He said he might make it, but he hasn't so far... maybe he still will though, he's probably not in bed yet, since CA is three hours behind.

So that's my long day. Oh, plus I tried to call lots of friends and none of them picked up and it's "that time of the month".

But on a good note, I adore cats! And Devlin is a snuggly lovebug! And the little black kitten loves me and comes out to play whenever I go to see them.

The little black kitten
Please pray for me. Pray I have the power to forgive my friend. Pray I feel better. And PRAY FOR THE FAMILIES AFFECTED IN THE FORT HOOD SHOOTING!!
Thank you.

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