Monday, November 2, 2009

Self discipline only comes through His grace

I have been seeking self-discipline.
I hate being disciplined. Sigh. But I'm trying to like it.

A friend of mine who I confess I don't always find so wise, she said something that made me pause. She emphasized how we need God's power for self discipline and I realized that while I've been praying for self discipline, in my heart I was still thinking of it as SELF discipline, meaning, that the power to do it would come from me.

Which is so not true, of course. I've got the power to accomplish absolutely zilch on my own. I need to rely on Christ in EVEYTHING, and even though I have been praying for this, I hadn't really been relying on him.

This was a total wake up call that I needed. It's not a huge one, but it's a very needed one. Timely. :)

Isn't it awesome how He works?

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  1. i love this song my school is doing a play and i was going to use it and i mite still do it because its just a good song ;) ilove the song


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