Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An Amusing Anticdote

I'm laughing right now.

An online community I'm a member of is doing a secret santa thing. It's a dog group, and we buy presents for each other's dogs. I did it last year for both Sophie and Radar, and was paired with another two dog owner. However, I can't really afford two this year (actually, I'm stretching it to do one, but it was so much fun last year I can't resist). So we all got private messaged the person we're buying about ten days ago, right?

And I got the info, I looked it over and realized the woman organizing it had forgotten to give me the address to send it to. So I message her back and she messages me back saying "Oops! You're not supposed to have her, you're supposed to have this one" and gives me new info. So I think, all right and let it go.

I still hadn't bought anything as of yesterday and I went back to reread the info (we give info about sizes, allergies, adn which toys/treats they like and don't like) and there really wasn't much there. So I thought "I'll go look at this person's profile". But I wasn't sure how to look for it, except to click on the name next to a post. So I went to the post where we all signed up for the secret santa exchange, since I knew she'd have posted there. And she had. Except the name of dog she said to sign her up for didn't match the name I'd been given!

So I message the woman organizing it back. And she messages me again saying "Oops! I gave you the info for the person she's buying for! Here is her info! Good thing you caught that." And I look at the info... and the city/state/zip code are missing!!


So I PMed her back, and hopefully this will be the last of it...

I just hope I get some gifts, and that there isn't someone who gets two packages while another gets none.

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