Friday, December 18, 2009

Computers, Illness, Cats, Siblings

It's been a little while since my last post. At least, for me. I've been getting used to posting on a very regular basis. Well, regular by my standards (I realize somedays I post three posts and many days none at all. Not very consistent, but over all).

My laptop is fixed! We don't have wifi or anything like that at home though, so I can only go online like at a coffee house or library on it. We have dial up at home. My parents got a new computer, which I think I mentioned before, but they've not bought an external modem for it yet (new ones never come with them in them anymore, sadly). So our old desktop is the only internet capable one at the moment.

My sister is home for the holidays from college. She also brought her desktop, and the laptop her college provided for the project she's doing for them. She's currently off with her boyfriend who has been saving up to buy a ring and the other day took her into a jewelry store to "get ideas". I wouldn't be surprised if she's engaged before she goes back to school. They'll have been together as a couple for 4 years in January. They wouldn't be getting married until she graduates school, in May of 2011. He'll be graduating grad school (He's two years ahead of her) at that point.

Tabitha, who I took to the hospital, there is good news on that front. She went back last Saturday and she was told she had trigeminal neuralgia, which is a for life neurological condition that causes severe pain. However, the reason she hadn't been diagnosed on Wednesday when we'd gone to the hospital is because the doctor wanted to give it sometime for new symptoms to develop. None did between then and Saturday, but she is having weird temperature swings (probably from fever, but she's been burning up when it's 30 degrees out), flu like symptoms Tuesday but they went away, and today she woke up with a knot on the back of her neck, her kidneys hurting and she feels much better. Not 100%, but better. So I hope she calls that doctor back and goes and sees her with these new symptoms under her belt. Maybe she really has something less severe or at least temporary.

We found homes for two of the kittens, the orange one and the black one, with women who work with my father. We were supposed to take them up there yesterday, but Mom wasn't feeling well, plus Mallory (the kitten's mother) has been extra clingy lately with them. They're 10 weeks old now, old enough to leave their mom, but she's going to have trouble letting them go. The plan was to take all three kittens to my dad's work. My dad was hoping someone would fall in love it the gray one and take it. Mom and I have discussed it though and we would try to persuade one of the women taking the other two to take the gray one as well, so they could stay together, but if we couldn't, we'd rather take the gray one home. This way Mallory had at least one kitten left to mother for now. But anyway, my Mom wasn't wanting to leave, so she called my dad up (he was working 7-4, and wanted us to show up at 3:30) and asked if it had to be today and he said we could reschedule. Maybe we can even put it off until next Wednesday so they'll be 11 weeks.

People used to find homes for kittens at age 8 weeks, or even 7. But studies have shown it's better for kittens to leave their mom between 10-12 weeks. So we're just right in line with that. The longer they stay with their mom and siblings, the healthier and better behaved they usually end up being. A cat taken from its family too young is usually more destructive and more likely to hurt you (bite you too hard in play or something). They learn gentleness from playing with their family. Just like human kids, they don't know their own strength.

And it'd be good if the woman adopting either the orange or black one took the gray one too. Two kittens are better behaved than one, plus they would adjust better to a new home with their brother/sister by their side. (We now think both the orange and black ones are boys and the gray one is a girl. We call them Gerbil, Verbal, and Willow respectively). When a kitten has a friend to play with, they are less likely to be destructive. The woman adopting Verbal, the black one, has a cat already. But grown cats are not as playful. Kittens eat, sleep, and play. They don't just lounge around like older cats do. Older cats still play (Cinnamon is 10, and she was playing "zoom-zoom" yesterday. That's a cat game where they run around like a maniac, pouncing at invisible things) but just not as often. Cinnamon zoom-zooms maybe once a week. Toby, who is probably six or seven, zoom-zooms at least once every other day, more like once a day. Devlin and Baryon, who are eight months old and just coming out of kittenhood, probably zoom-zoom three to five times a day or more. A younger kitten would play even more. So it's best for a cat to have a playmate near its own age, and a littermate is best. Devlin and Baryon LOVE each other, even though they're still intact males over the age of six months. (Hopefully we'll neuter them soon). Most intact males over that age hate other intact males over that age. But because they're brothers they still love each other, though they do get into skirmishes about twice a week.

I was just deciding what to title this and going to post it, but when I glanced through the subject matter realizing I discussed both my sister and animal siblings, so I put down "siblings" as a part of the title, I figure I should mention my older sister too. She's married and lives in Florida. She and her husband and like half a dozen friends are going to Europe for the holidays. They are going to Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, some little village is Austria, and they've added Italy, though I don't know where in Italy. They went to Ireland for Thanksgiving and Australia this summer. I think they went to Austria last winter, and they went on a European tour last summer, and my sister went to Israel. This next summer they're going to Palau and Yap (islands in the Pacific). I think her husband went to China recently too. I think my sister hasn't been to Asia yet. She did go to more countries in Europe, plus Israel, that her husband hasn't been to yet. She's never been to Palau before, but her husband has, for scuba diving.

Nice, huh? Personally, I've never been out of the country. Financial reasons, not because I wouldn't love to though.

Speaking of traveling, Lydia is going to Kentucky for the holidays. She is leaving Saturday and she and her family will be driving back the next Sunday so we'll miss two Sundays. The next one we're probably planning an overnight trip though, to Athens or Atlanta. I'm hoping I'll spend Sundays with my friend with the mysterious medical thing though, but it'll depend on how she feels.

I need to make gifts. I am so broke this year. My parents' mortgage company pulled something or another, so they can't really spare any money to give me for gifts. But considering I live here rent free and they're helping me pay my bills, I can't complain. But that means I have 12 dollars to spend on Christmas. And the sucky thing is, I signed up for a secret santa thing on a message board. I signed up over a month ago, when I thought Mom and Dad would give me at least a twenty for Christmas. But now it's really too late to back out. But I'm ashamed to tell Mom and Dad, so I need to make things for this exchange, but want to do it when they're not around. Unfortunately, they're always around. And I don't know when I'll get to mail it! I can't really afford any faster than the normal postage rate, and we were supposed to mail our packages by this past Tuesday and I still don't even have the gifts together. But I will do it. I just need to find a way to a post office. I really miss college whenever it comes to things like this. There was a post office on campus. Or even living in Spartanburg would be nice. Even if we'd not had a postage office where we could send packages on campus, the post office was only like a twenty minute walk away. I loved walkign downtown from Converse. I remember for a huge research paper I had for a religion class I took I walked to the public library everyday for like four or five days. I'd walk there and spend like the whole day there. I miss that. That would be soooo good.

"Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ."

Galatians 6:2 (ESV)

That's the scripture for today on the side. It was like "wow" for me. I figured I'd share. And just in case you're wondering why I do that, it's because if you visit this site tomorrow, you'll miss it! :)

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