Thursday, December 10, 2009

Morning at the Hospital

I went to the hospital this morning.

I'm fine. I went as moral support. At around eight this morning my cell rang and it was Tabitha. She was having sudden pain and her husband wouldn't go with her to the ER, so would I? And of course, I would, just let me get dressed.

Monday she pretty much slept all day. Yesterday she didn't wake up until after one, and then she was very, very nauseous. She says shortly after we spoke on the phone (around 3 or 4) the sudden pain began.

So we go to the ER, and go through a few nurses and finally see a doctor, who tells us she thinks it's this you've never heard of it disease. I won't go into details, because you're strangers and it's her medical info, not mine. But she's not sure and the only way to be sure is to do an MRI, which would cost thousands. So instead, she gives my friend a shot and an anti-nausea pill and we have to wait. Well my friend almost passes out! But then she begins to become more alert. She's no longer nauseous, and her pain is slightly diminished.

She's going back on Saturday. She's supposed to be paying close attention to all her symptoms between now and then, so that any new symptoms will provide the clues to diagnose her.

I'm sure she'd appreciate prayer, for her health, finances, and marriage. She's pretty scared.

All right, my mom wants me to go outside, so maybe I'll type more later...

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