Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hi from Atlanta.

Our hostess, me, and Lydia in Atlanta.
I'm lying on my side typing this on a twin sized bed in the basement of the house we're staying in. Lydia is in another twin bed sorta catty-corner to this one. I'm getting really tired but it's just sooooo nice to have high speed internet!

I'll hopefully tell you in greater detail later, but Lydia and I are in Atlanta, visiting the church here. Next week she'd got a family engagement, but the next week we're possibly going to Augusta!

It's been awesome so far, but there's more to come later. One thing though that has happened is I shared what I guess you'd call my testimony. Not sure how it went, just have to have faith on that.

Praise Jesus! OH! And I might get a job!! I won't tell you more than that at this time because I won't know anything until Monday. But yayy! Even the possibility is exciting!

All right, I'm going to try and sleep now, getting up in like six and a half hours...

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