Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Year, Newness in Blogging.

Okay, I WILL post this, even if I don't finish it. I've been sitting down SEVERAL times since New Years to post but have gotten distracted after just a few sentences and put it off.
But now it's January 16, over half of January gone, and I WILL post.

A lot has happened.

First things first: Hi, I'm Pam.
That's right. I'm introducing myself after 104 posts. I had a lot of fun having an anonymous blog, but I knew when I was first creating this blog that at some point I would step out from behind my anonymity. But still, there was a great appeal and just FUN in being anonymous, plus it put the focus on what I was saying, not on who I am. And that was the point. [Note from the future: if you've read before this you might be like, you've said that before, Pam. But that's because I went back and edited and de-anonymous-ed the entries prior to this for the celebration of the 200th post!]

But a new year, a new format.

I also would like to announce that soon I will go and add pictures. I've not really posted many pictures not b/c of the anonymity, but because I have dial up. But now my laptop is fixed and at some point when I am at a place where I can get wifi (which sadly, is not home) I will go back and post pictures throughout my blog. So if this is the first time you're on my blog, awesome, you can go back and read it (if you want) and it'll be more engaging visually. [Note from the same future, I didn't actually get around to this until.... my celebration of the 200th post. :) It was because of the dial up, though, not because I didn't want to!]

All right, so that's the blog formality stuff. Let me tell you now about the new year 2010 so far.

It's weighing too heavily on my heart to put off until I get to in a chronological re-telling. My cat Baryon is dead. He was hit by a car. He went missing January 5th, and we found his body yesterday. He was only 9 months old.

Wow, I tried to go on to something else, but felt I need a pause here for grief. My God is the God who gives and takes away. I know that and I am thankful that Baryon was given to me to enjoy for even the short time I did... and I also know blessed are those who mourn because they will be comforted. I'm going post about everything else in its own time. The rest is pretty happy. So this will be the matter of fact and sad post, and the next will be joyful and lively.

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