Monday, January 25, 2010

Still in Atlanta!

We had planned leaving in the afternoon. Lydia said by four. So at four... it was pouring SHEETS of rain. The kind where there is almost fog in the air because the rain hits the ground and bounces back up in the form of little teensie droplets, so numerous it creates a haze. Just POURING.
So we decided to wait a little. A little turned into two hours because the fellowship was so good!!

At six we set off, and we don't get five minutes down the road before Lydia's dad calls to tell us that there's a MAJOR storm system right between us and Spartanburg we'd be driving INTO, not behind or before.

So we pulled into a gas station and discussed it and decided we'd rather just spend another night here! So we came back (and I called my parents and let them know, and apparently they were relieved)and were totally welcomed to spend another night.

So we did.

And now it's 7:29 and I'm going to wake Lydia at 7:30 so we can leave by 8:30 at the latest.

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