Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rainy Sleepy Gray Day

I really love the title of my blog. It will be relevant all the days of my life. I was picturing the other day all sorts of possibilities my life could take, and decided in them (not that I nearly thought of an exhaustible list) 'Singing Pilgrim' would still be a good header. Life is a pilgrimage... and I will always sing. Both literally and in spirit.

I'm in the Turtle Parfait and I'm trying not to fall asleep! I am supposed to be working but I had to take a break because I am drifting.

It's the weather. It's such a gray, sleepy day that if not extremely engaged I find my energy depleting. That's not to say there's no work to be done or that it bores me. It's just a very calm, repetitive work today and I find myself yawning an alarming amount of the time. It's not quite lunch time and I think I may need to take a brisk walk if I want to stay at my best.

I do miss my blog, but I always want to blog when I don't have access to it. And if I try to write a post away from my blog, it's never really relevant when I come back. Well, it is in part, but would require a large amount of revision before it'd be timely and acceptable... so I don't typicslly bother.

I got a letter off to Lydia today, which is good. I had a great time writing the letter.

I really have to go take a walk to clear my mind... maybe I'll post more later.

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