Wednesday, February 17, 2010



I am 24. It is nice to write that because I'm the kind of person who adores birthdays, but I'm by myself and announcing to strangers without prompting "It's my birthday!" seems like fishing for special treatment.

If this post ends abruptly, I shall have just pressed publish as I go back to work. I am working remotely from the Turtle Parfait in Woodruff. I went to go do something for my job, however, and realized the information sent to me was not exactly intuitive and emailed someone for clarification. She'll get it to me, but she hasn't yet and I realized I have nothing to do until I hear from her... so instead of twiddling my thumbs I thought I'm post on my blog.

I'm working for Converse College, helping them put up their new website which should launch in March. (that link will go to their current website... after the launch that will be the website I'm working on, but right now it's not).

Converse, as you would know if you've read my blog, is my alma mater and I'm really loving working there. Whether I really love web migration or whether it's primarily because I adore Converse, I couldn't tell you.

Lydia has left for California. Two years! Well, she's got winter and summer breaks, but she could always not come home for them. Also, who knows I'll be here? Oh probably this summer, but while I've nothing against this area, this web migration job is only temporary. If I found something in another area, I could be gone.

I'm hoping to have something to do momentarily especially because I'm taking a half-day so I can do something with my friend Tabitha (the one I would go walking with) later. She and I haven't really hung out in about 7 weeks, except once for two hours where all we did was talk.

She's meeting me at the Turtle at one. At least, I hope she is. She flakes 8 times out of 10, but I made her solemnly promise to commit to it today. It was like pulling teeth, but I finally got her to, so hopefully she sticks with it. If not... well then I don't know. My faith in Jesus requires me to forgive! Pray for me.

So hopefully she and I hang out today because it's been too long. And I really love that girl and miss her! After lunch we're going shopping. No firm agenda in place, but I have some money for the first time in a year and it's exciting.

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