Thursday, March 4, 2010

Stranded in Woodruff

I've been working at Converse on Monday, Tuesday, and Fridays each week. On Wednesday and Thursdays I've been working remotely from Woodruff, taking advantage of the free wifi at the Turtle Parfait.

Well, today was the internal launch of Converse's new website (what I've been working on) and I didn't know if I'd have anything to work on or not. So I get dropped off at the Turtle Parfait, settle down and get online to do my work.

Well, late yesterday afternoon my boss emailed me to invite me and others to an internal launch party at Converse. That was a surprise. So I get out the cell to call Mom to get me, because there'll be no work today... only to find I left my cell phone at home.

So I was stranded in Woodruff! No work to do, no way home until the afternoon. So I played Farmville, caught up with people on Facebook, and walked around downtown Woodruff. I'm currently sitting on a bench outside the Turtle, as it is known to locals. My father has a chiropractor's appointment this afternoon (every Thursday afternoon. Poor man, if he doesn't have it, the pain gets too bad to take.). It is across the street and diagonal from the Turtle, and he should be getting there soon.

I created another blog. Well, really it's the same blog. I was trying to get here and typed in '' instead of '' and blogger came up and told me no such blog existed, but the name was free if I wanted it. And I decided I did. So sometime in the near future I'll combine them into one blog. Not quite sure how you do that, but I know it's possible. After all, if nothing else, singingpilgrim is shorter than singingpilgrimdancing. :) Easier to remember, especially since I obviously wasn't giving it too much thought myself.

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