Saturday, May 1, 2010

Good Morning!

It's a pretty morning. I woke up early and then I exercised on the wii fit. Got my blood pumping. :) I hadn't gotten on the wii in ten days and according to it I lost 5.7 pounds. Yay!

Tomorrow I go out with Jane, Lydia's mother, to a blending conference at the church in Simpsonville. I'm so excited. Ed, Lydia's dad, may or may not be coming. He plays in an orchestra and might not get out of rehearsal in time. I hope to see people from Columbia and maybe some from Charlotte that I know. Charlotte was the first church Lydia and I visited, and we visited during a conference, so my memory of who is actually at Charlotte is vague. So many faces and such. I only really remember one, but I'd met her in Spartanburg before. She's a professor at Wofford who lives in Charlotte and commutes. But she goes to church up there. I'd met her in passing once when I was meeting Lydia after lunch and she and Jane were having lunch with her. Then I met her again in Charlotte, so maybe she'll be there.

It'll be really nice to see people again. I really enjoyed going with Lydia every weekend and have missed that type of church environment since Lydia went to California.

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