Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blog Training India Friend Prayers lol

Wow, I need to blog more because July is coming.

I know that sounds funny, but I get on my blog and I look on the side where it says how many times per month I blogged and I like that number to be respectable. So far February and May are tied for the lowest at 3, and that is shaming. At least February is the shortest month of the year, so I tell myself that's why it's not four. But May? But now June is tied for biggest at 7... and that is also shameful because last year I had five months that were 11 and up! Admittedly, I didn't actually blog every single month last year and I have so far this year, so that counts for something...

Not that you really care. I just tend to think, towards the end of the month, 'did I blog enough this month?' Well that is, if my mind's on blogging at all.

My friend Lydia is coming back next week. Yay! She wants me to come with her to a week long Christian training in GA the next week.. and I'm all for that! But she told me to register Monday for the first time... and apparently registration ended Saturday. So we're hoping the guys in charge will make an exception for me, but we don't know. I'd have registered earlier if I'd known.

I've made friends with a guy named Ryan online. We've been having fun talking. He's in India. Well, he's Indian. But he lived in America for 7 years. We both seem to be friendly, forthright people which is good. I put my foot in my mouth easily with the less forthright.

I miss Tabitha. I cannot find my phone charger. Last I remember it was in my pants pocket. I took it out because I was doing laundry-- I distinctly remember that. And that's the last I remember. Apparently Jeremy, her husband, is going out of town for a week starting tomorrow. I'm hoping she and I will get to hang out during that time.

Here's some prayer requests in case whoever is reading this will pray: pray for Suja, Tabby's grandma, who is still in the hospital. Pray for Hannah, a girl I went to college with, and her husband who are both unemployed and homeless. And pray for the Vangsnes family.

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