Thursday, June 17, 2010

Perusing Drafts and the 'O, I Forgot!'s

So sometimes I get on here and I type something and save it as a draft. Sometimes I'm just not done but have to go. Other times I was really just goofing off and had nothing real to say.

I hate having drafts though, because when I get to my blog's 'dashboard' it tells I have X amount of posts, but it includes the drafts. So my last entry, I had to edit it real quick after I posted it. So I went back to edit it, and when I went to the 'Edit Posts' page, I noticed I had some drafts. I didn't realize there were any drafts I'd not modified. But there wasn't just one, there was five.

So I perused them, and then deleted them. Three out of five were really nothing. One was only a title, with no body to it at all. And I'd posted a post by that title a few days later, so obviously what happened was I typed in the title and realized I didn't have time to write on the subject and left, but the site autosaved a draft. I came back a few days later and actually wrote on the subject, unaware of the draft. So that was easily deleted.

Also easily discarded was 'I am tired'. Which was only that. No subject, just that single sentence. And 'The sun is coming up'. Both of these I must have gone to blogspot with the intention of writing a post and then realized I'd be better served heading to bed.

But two were interesting. One was a song, which I will share. I had forgotten I'd written it. Thinking back though, I think I was online and this song came into my head, so I went to blogspot to quickly jot it down:

No more rebellion
I may be a hellion
But I've asked forgiveness
And been redeemed
And of everyone
I know I follow One
And many can't concieve this
But He's my dream
No matter what you do
You can't please everyone
You can't please everyone
And so I pick just one
Who I won't grieve

Please sustain sustain me
Beloved, take me
Mark me forever as your own
You'll never forsake me
I know your heart a little more
and more and more as I do seek you
And it's so pure and sweet, simple and deep
You're softly tending me

And then the other interesting one was very different. It was two paragraphs actually talking about my blog itself. Here you go:

I really need to write down my blog ideas. See, I have trouble thinking of what I meant to say when I'm confined to a desk. I usually think of the BEST blogs (even writing every word mentally for an hour or so) when I'm in bed or the car or somewhere I do not have access to the internet.

I do have a laptop, but we don't have wifi. Since I got my laptop fixed in December, I've only been able to get online twice. The problem is I don't have my own transportation so when I get to go to a place with wifi available, I'm hanging out with a friend. And when I'm doing that, it's rude to get online and do my own thing.

Interesting, amusing, and a little frustrating is I didn't actually get to the jotting down of these 'best blogs' I had in my head at the time. I did write this though, and remember I kept of thinking of interesting stuff and going 'Oh, I need to blog about this!' in my head, but then blanking out when I actually got online. My guess is that this was written in one of those blanking out times, out of frustration.

You may have noticed this is titled 'Perusing Drafts and the 'O, I Forgots!'

The previous was obviously the perusing drafts part. The O, I Forgot! was just that I realized when I was talking about special friendships in my last post I should have mentioned Sarah, who I talked to last night. I only met her my senior year of college, but we have a great friendship. She's now married and lives in Yonkers, NY. She's in seminary. She's Eastern Orthodox, and if you remember when I visited the nuns, it was with her. She and Lydia and I make an interesting trio. But the most special thing about our friendship is the Holy Spirit really flourishes. She'll facebook chat me and say no more than 'hi' and suddenly my mind flies to the Lord and I feel convicted of the frivolities I was engaged in (I'm thinking of a particular occasion). She's an awesome woman of God.

Another thing I want to mention is my friendship with Grace. She attends Bible Study with us. She's also married, and actually I feel I'm just as good friends with her husband, Jacob. She's pregnant right now with their first child, a son. They've been married almost four years. She and her husband are hosting Bible Study this weekend, which I'm excited about because that means they'll definitely be there. Sometimes lately they don't come, or only one of them does. Grace gets tired really easily, understandably, and Jacob's been having a crazy time with employment situations.

Grace wants to come over and pick blackberries. Our blackberries aren't really that ripe yet though. Some are ripe, but only like 5-10% of the bushes in our front yard. The bushes in our side yard aren't ripe at all yet, and they are the most delicious. So I'm thinking I'll wait until at least some of them are ripe before having her over. By then, the front bushes will probably be at least 50% ripe, but probably more like 80% or more. The side yard bushes seem to be much farther behind. They're a different variety though, it's obvious (all of these bushes are wild, so they're not planned.)

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