Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quick note from Spartanburg

I am in Spartanburg at Barnes and Noble. I can't actually connect to the B&N wifi, so I connected to Monkey Joe's instead. Well, I could connect to the wifi, but not to the internet through it, it was only a local connection.

I am very hungry but I only $1.74 in coins and I'm telling myself to save it.

Tabitha's grandma, nicknamed Suja, was rushed to the ER. So if you read this, pray for her please. She's not in good health.

My mom and dad are at the movies and I asked them to drop me at B&N while they went. It's such an awesome place. I am trying to get somewhat caught up on Farmville. I've not really been on it in weeks. I had 47 gifts piled up in my gift box.

It's thundering here...

I think I'm going to get off and walk over to Burger King, which is across the parking lot, and get something off the dollar menu. I really want to save the money, but I think I'm getting faint.

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