Thursday, June 24, 2010 and Happy Birthday Mom!

Also happy anniversary to my older sister Beth and her husband Daniel. They've been together four years today!

I have been one of many blogs in the family for a while now, but for some reason my blogs don't seem to show up on their site. Well, the title does, but none of the actual blog. So I just finally emailed them to ask why. I await their reply curiously.

Right now, all I've got for Mom's bday is a card. Of course I'm really broke. Sigh. All I got for my best friend Tabby's birthday was a bouquet of flowers... which my Mom grew anyway. So if I went and picked her own flowers, Mom probably wouldn't be so impressed. :-P

Speaking of growing things, it's fruit and vegetable season. Well, sort of. We're having some berries ripe enough to eat, and the zucchini have been harvested and given away a lot this year already. Mom also got some lettuce, though there's still some out there. She's also growing peppers and green beans which aren't ready yet. As far as the berries go, we've got black berries (which are wild) and blueberries (which are not, and this is the first year we've tried them). My friend Grace wants to come berry picking soon.

Please keep praying for my friend Tabby's grandma, Suja (real name Sylvia). She's got bacteria in her bloodstream. She's been on dialysis for her kidneys for a while.

Oh, by the way, Stephen and I stopped dating a few weeks back. We never were an official couple, though we went on six dates. But it was a mutual agreement, basically, that we wouldn't really suit. There just never developed a... thing between us, you know? Like chemistry or something. I'd been thinking it for a while, but when I was going to call it quit, he still wanted another date and I thought 'okay, but if this isn't change something, that'll have to be the last one'. I told him yes, and he asked me to decide which day (but we didn't do it during that conversation). Well, I decided, but when I tried to get a hold of him he did the really annoying avoiding me thing he'd already done a few times (doesn't endear me to him). Then when he called me out of the blue to tell me that he didn't think it was working out, I could honestly say I agreed. So it wasn't such a big deal. We do like each other though, and want to remain friends. So far we've only exchanged a handful of text messages to that end, but at least we've done that. We really do enjoy each other, just not as a couple.

By the way, cheese is a viable weapon in the heat of battle. Mythbusters tells me so.

So there's this guy...

I go on a Christian dating site (I have no life, so where else will I meet someone?) and there's this guy I talked to the other night who I kind of dig. But I've not heard from him since. And I did make the first move, which I hate to do. But he was online and I was online... and he did give me his email address. But I also gave him mine and I've been hoping he'll make the next move...

However, according to the site, he's been online everyday since (it's been less than a week) and he's not tried to contact me in anyway. Now, he did indeed give me his email address first... but I also live in the world that the only way a girl can know for sure a guy is really into her is if he's pursuing her.

So, since I've been checking out if he's been online everyday (I know, it smells of stalker) and he's not even contacted me once, it makes me think he might not be interested...
But his profile reads like a shy guy, and he did say something like 'I really enjoyed this. I don't normally do this, but here's my email address'. So he could be thinking he put the ball in my court and taking the fact I've not emailed him to mean I'm not interested...

Sigh. I probably will end up emailing him, because I am interested. But I hate chasing after a guy. It doesn't feel right. But the fact that he did give me his email address suggests he's not got no interest at all... I just hate making a fool of myself though, if he was just being polite.

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