Friday, September 3, 2010

Cancelled plans??

This week has been one of cancelled plans.

Well, not Monday. Monday was the day I talked about in my last post, and quite a bit happened.
However, the next day, Tabitha, Jeremy, and I (with perhaps one other person) were going to see a movie. They had free movie passes to a screening of a movie. But Tabitha fell asleep. And so she slept right through and it didn't happen. We had a netflix movie that had arrived on Saturday. I had wanted to watch it the night before, but my parents didn't, so I went to bed early.

Wednesday was supposed to be movie night with my parents. Well, Wednesday afternoon Mom went to sent back the other netflix movie we had in the house, and accidentally sent back the one we hadn't seen. Seriously. And there was nothing on tv on Wednesday (except baseball, which I loathe and seems to be on at all times lately). So I went to bed early.

Today is Thursday. The only plans I had for Thursday was meeting people at a ministry in Spartanburg. On Friday, Janie, (not to be confused with Jane or Jane lol) who I go to Bible Study with, had asked the women there to help her. A ministry she knew about was evangelizing, but was having trouble finding anyone to do follow ups. She said it could even be on the phone. As I have no car, but do have a heart to help, 'on the phone' made me volunteer right away. She said she wanted me to at least meet the people, so she'd pick me up on Thursday. In the mean time she'd send me an email about the ministry.

So today, still no email, nor any calls about going tonight. So at five pm (the meeting was at like 6) I texted her. She apparently had emailed me on Monday. And she was leaving for the weekend. She resent the email and I got the information. It seems however, that the ministry got people to do what I was volunteering to do, and they mainly need money. As I've been unemployed for about five months now, I don't actually have a dime to my name. Literally. So I can't help that way. I think Janie still wants me to help next week, which I'll try, but the only reason this ministry was an option for me was the key words 'on the phone', because with no car, nor a driver's license, I have no way to help anyone otherwise. (I'd go into why I have no driver's license, but it's a long story. I didn't lose it, I never had one. I had a permit, but it just expired.)

And tomorrow, the only thing to look forward to is Bible Study. Friday is always wonderful because of Bible Study. But Suzanne, who hosts it, can't host it this week. And with Grace and Jacob busy with their new baby, Jane A helping them, Janie going away for the weekend, and who know if the other Jane and her family and Jackie and the others have plans? So Bible Study was cancelled.

And Tabitha works all weekend, only on the weekends, now. Aside from those in Bible Study, she's the only way I get out of the house anymore. We can never hang out on the weekend, so I have plans Saturday. We sometimes hang out on Sunday evenings after she gets off, but I never can count on that.

So basically I have done nothing of any productive value and no socialization since Monday, and it doesn't look like I will again until next Monday at the earliest.

Part of me wants to ask my parents just to take me into town (it'd be Woodruff, since it's not that far out of our way) to do something. That is, probably to hang out at the Turtle Parfait with my laptop. I used to do that at a lot. But I was working then, or had just lost my job (my last job was a temporary job, I wasn't laid off) and had the money to buy at least a soda. Now I have nothing. And my parents are really broke. The dogs are out of food, and we don't have the money to buy their food this week. We won't let them starve, we'll buy some small bag of really cheap food that's not good for them to tide us over until next paycheck, but I feel guilty even thinking of asking them to give me money enough to eat at the Turtle. I could go to the library, and maybe I will, but I'd definitely have to bring food. And the library's internet is not very fast at all, though faster than dial up which is all I currently have available to me.

So what does God mean by all this? I mean, it was bad enough having no job, money, or transportation. Now I have nothing to do all day each day? Too much is being cancelled for me to think it's a coincidence.

The one bright spot is Ryan. I get to talk to him everyday, praise God. He's wonderful, and I'm falling more and more in love with him.

Hey! My mom is going to Costco. I'm going to go so I can join her. It'll be my first time out of the house since Monday... which really isn't so bad, I've gone two weeks without getting out of the house. But if I want to go I have to go NOW, so bye!

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