Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Essay Writing and Such

You may have noticed I added a banner on the side of my blog for freerice.com, which is this awesome website where you play a game and feed hungry people. Check it out.

The interview went really well. I was sooo nervous. I couldn't sleep Saturday night, and I was nauseous for two and a half hours before the interview. I calmed down about twenty minutes prior, through prayer, but was still on edge a little until about seven or eight minutes into the interview. But I think the committee really liked me. One guy seemed to think I was too young.

Me, looking sort of bleh and nervous before the interview.
I think my weakened physical condition probably helped Jesus flow from me, much like fasting. Also, Ryan gave me the best piece of advice: it is not about impressing people, it is about exemplifying Christ!

I have to submit to a background and financial check and write an essay on how I can help this church go forward. I have written it, but not turned it in, I will do that tomorrow. I wanted to do it yesterday (the day after my interview) but after not sleeping Saturday night, I took a nap from 7 to 11pm Sunday. I got up and ate dinner, then was exhausted by 1am, too tired to write the essay. I just couldn't think. So I went to bed and thought I'd do it today, getting up early. But I couldn't get to sleep. Just could NOT sleep. I was wayyyy to tired to think or even stand up. But I just could not sleep. I did, at about 6am, finally get some ideas for the essay and jotted them down, but not in a skillful manner. I fell asleep around 7am.

I slept until 3:30 or so, then still didn't get out of bed until 5 because I felt awful.

I wrote the essay in the evening. I really, really wanted to turn it in Monday so I would be 'on top of things', but thinking about it my interview was at 3:30 Sunday, and actually didn't finish until 4pm. So in order to turn it in by 5pm Monday, when the office closes, I actually only had 25 hours. So it is perfectly reasonable of me to turn it in on Tuesday instead (no deadline was given.) I hope this doesn't reflect badly on me.

I thought about emailing the essay so it will be there when the pastor goes in at 8am. And I still might (it is 5am) but I just kind of want someone else to proofread it or something. Tabitha and Ryan have both looked at drafts. Ryan has seen the current draft, and he thinks it's good. Tabby went to bed hours ago and only really saw the first draft. I don't really want to show it to my parents because I don't think they'd understand it. It is very Jesus centered.

I miss Lydia. We talked today, but I wish she was around to read this draft. I didn't have it ready when she called for her to review, and she won't be able to review it before I turn it in. She is both very Christian and majored in writing in college, so she'd be perfect. Of course, that's not the only reason I miss her, but it definitely brings her to mind!

I also feel very sick, I suppose from my bad sleeping habits. It is also 'that time of the month' and I am very bloated and having difficultly keeping at a comfortable temperature.

Prayers are always appreciated! And continue to pray that little unborn baby Sadie Mae gets her kidneys!

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