Friday, September 10, 2010


My friend Hannah is twenty weeks pregnant. Her daughter has no kidneys, lungs, or amniotic fluid & a hole in her heart. We are praying for a miracle. If the kidneys develop, they will develop the amniotic fluid, and the amniotic fluid will develop the lungs (the baby breathes it). I've known people who have been born with a hole in their heart and lived. So pray for the kidneys, and pray hard!

Hannah and her husband are Christians. Actually, he's a pastor and they just planted a church in Woodruff. Christians, lift them up. Because quite honestly, this is not beyond God. Her daughter is not dead, she's still growing and developing, she's just not done it the normal way.

Even if her daughter does not survive, God will be glorified, but why should she die? Hundreds of people are currently praying for this baby and her parents. God would be glorified through her life. So let us not limit God by saying this is impossible. It would be impossible for ANY baby to be born without God. He forms them all!

So this is a call to prayer and a call to greater faith. Because I belief, but Lord help my unbelief. Let us have true faith and lay Hannah's baby at your feet. Perhaps it is entirely your intention that she shares a name with Hannah, mother of Samuel, whose womb was closed until she prayed to you and you faithfully answered her request for a child.

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