Sunday, September 19, 2010

I have a job interview!

It's tomorrow (Sunday, September 19) at 3:30. It's for a church secretary position at a church about 8 miles from my house! (Really, really close when you live in the country) I'm being interviewed by a personnel committee, which is a little nerve-wracking to think about. But I do know, and keep affirming, that if it's God's Will for me to get this job, I will. And if it's not, then I don't want the job anyway. So there should be no stress.

Ohhhhh I AM SO EXCITED!!! Please pray for me and the job and for the personnel committee. I mean, even if it's not God's will, I really hope they find the one who is the best person for the job. (And of course, I really, really hope that is me!)

My confidence is not very high though. Not about this job, just in general. My mom was asking me interview questions in the car and I got all flustered and couldn't avoid being negative and it was bad. Basically, instead of focusing on my strengths, I naturally focus on my flaws (and bemoan them). So I had to make a list of some of my strengths. I am still not sure how to answer the question 'what is your greatest weakness?' without being negative. But some of my strengths are:

I am flexible/adaptable-- not only can I do this, I strive in the kinds of atmospheres that requires this in me.
I enjoy people. Like genuinely.
I am a very analytical.
I care deeply/am empathetic.
I have integrity.
I type very, very fast.
I learn quickly.
I am intelligent.
I am articulate and write well.

Now I just have to keep these in my brain more then my flaws... which I could list, but then they'd be in my brain and that'd be bad.

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