Monday, September 6, 2010

Life Changing

So I began a post about babies the other day. Since then one of my facebook friends has given birth to a boy, and I found out that two more friends are pregnant. I also found out another just had a baby two weeks ago. So that makes three babies born in the last month, and six women currently pregnant.

Add to that two recent engagements, a wedding, and two people starting graduate school, and it's really quite striking how many people I know who are having these big life changing events. Some bigger than others, but still.

Baby blanket I crocheted for Tabitha's baby (and my first afghan).
I guess this is always happening, but maybe it's just my friends are getting to that age. I'm twenty-four, so most of my friends are 22-28, which is definitely a life changing events age range. Especially in the not-so-urban south. It's amazing when I hear northeastern or west coast urban women going on and on about how 30 is too young to marry or something. Ridiculous. Not that over 30 is too old or ever has been, but considering probably all of us have great-grandmas or something who married at 16, to think 25 is too young to marry is to imply people mature less fast these days, when the world affirms daily we're all growing up faster than we have before. Crazy society.

Anyway, that was certainly a tangent.

When I see all this stuff happening, I'm really happy for everyone. It's exciting. I'm not really jealous, just a tad impatient. Everyday is basically the same. I wake. I probably get online and talk to Ryan. I eat. I watch tv or read a book, sometimes both. Somedays I apply for jobs (dependent mainly on finding ones I'm qualified for that are close to me). Occassionally I hang out with Tabitha. I do some chore, like dishes or cooking dinner.

That's basically it.

I'm not really complaining. I'm just pondering... why? Today on facebook someone put in their status that they know that God has a plan even when they don't. And that is what I stand on. I know that there is a plan and a reason for what's going on.

Today I was reading in my favorite book, outside the Bible, God Calling. And I felt renewed. I felt like coming on the blog and telling you that today is a new day. I want to announce it. I want to say, tomorrow is gone. From this day forward, I live anew.

And so I have.

Progress is the law of heaven, of the eternal life in the kingdom. And treasures stored there are not plagued by rust and corruption. The devil tells me because of my current failings, my past sucesses are null and void. The devil lies. I remember the past joys. I remember God breathing into my soul and I sink into the security of that. I remember the good, discard the bad like chaff, and robe myself in my Father's glory. Today is new. Today is now. Today is eternal. His peace in me, I forward stride, and I have confidence. In Him are plans for my future. I will trust His providence and timing. Life changing moments don't always involve external events.

So God bless you all, for life. "And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.." John 17:3

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